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High School Student

I truly enjoyed our rafting expedition because we were learning many new things, being risk takers and getting a more diverse portfolio of skills. 

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Elementary School Student

I would like to meet Roald Dahl so I can see how he writes and creates books. 

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High School Student

This year I will be participating in the trip to Cambodia, and I am excited to experience it first hand and see the changes that we can make.

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Middle School Student

We play with anybody, not just our close friends. At lunch, we sit with different people not just the same people everyday. It's a very accepting community.

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Sarah Urquhart

ELC - Gr. 12 Service Learning Coach and MYP Science/DP Environmental Systems & Societies

In service learning, I love that students can feel empowered by seeing how their actions can make a positive impact. This can help connect students to our community.

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Jason Edwards

IT Director and High School Biology Teacher

I love the challenge and learning that takes place when you teach a variety of subjects, and seeing students learn in a variety of contexts across a wide range of age groups.

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Aaron Reed

Elementary and Middle School Art Teacher

I’ve been creating pictures since I could hold a crayon, did my university studies in art and design, and have been painting, drawing, and making stuff all my life. What is best about teaching art is working with children.

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Angela Czubak

Grade 3 Homeroom Teacher

I run the Elementary School Garden Club. Some days, when I need a little break, I go out into the gardens and putter about or water.

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I volunteer at the library regularly. I get to understand what the students are like, what teachers are like, and I can find books I think my daughter will like.

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For us as parents, it is a pleasure to witness how confident our daughters are that their actions will make our world a better place.

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I created the YIS Tokyo Parents Group to connect YIS parents who live in Tokyo. We get together regularly for coffees to get to know one another and to help each other out.

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There are many different activities such as cooking lessons, a hiking club and many other activities to socialize with other parents.

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Ken Inge

Class of 2003

I've continued to play fantasy baseball with YIS friends and our math teacher for 18 years!

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Ryo Yasuda

Class of 2015

I didn’t really stand out in class but I always loved entertaining people and I'm grateful to YIS for offering opportunities to express ourselves.

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Tiffany Schafer-Howley

Class of 1996

My first visit to the school, just a few days before the start of the semester, was quite memorable as I had chosen the school by brochure alone...yep the internet didn't really exist back then!  

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Matthew Sato

Class of 2014

I am currently based in Los Angeles as a music composer writing music for several upcoming short films. In L.A., I am able to network through projects and mutual friends and also through fellow YIS Alumni.

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Expeditions at YIS

Adventurous wilderness expeditions create authentic opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and conceptual understandings for life-long learning and appreciation of the natural world.

Learning at YIS

Learning changes our thinking and behaviors, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning.

Live Learn Lead

Our mission reflects our passion and enthusiasm for learning and leading lives of balance and purpose in building a caring community.