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Middle School Student

If I left YIS, I would miss the good food that Dragon Dining makes and my friends. My favorite food is the fried rice on Fridays. They do a great job of making it!

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High School Student

Last year, I developed a passion for cinematography and videography through experimenting and expanding on my former interest in photography.

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Elementary School Student

I feel that learning here is more fun. We have more projects to do here and I like that very much.

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High School Student

I enjoy music because it provides me with continuous opportunities to improve as a performer in the numerous public performances we have here.

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Matt Barker

Learning Support Teacher

Training with colleagues for a Spartan race in early 2018 was demanding but full of laughs and camaraderie.

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Harumi Kobayashi

Science Lab Technician

Working with students of many different ages to plan and execute experiments, and to see them discover something they didn't know before, makes me very happy

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Yuko Nishigaki

Teaching Assistant for the Art and Design Department

Everyday, I do a variety of tasks such as assisting in classes across elementary and secondary school, teaching digital skills to students, learning new skills like pottery and working with several teachers.

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Anjali Bhattacharjee

Kindergarten Learning Assistant

I started working at YIS in August 2018, after working as an English teacher. I am also an alumna of YIS, having graduated in the class of 2012.

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My son's and daughter's sports teams - basket team, soccer team, volleyball team and baseball team - are all a source of happiness and new friends.

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This is our first time in the IB system, and we love it. I see a change in my kids everyday.

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My children do recognize that the IB is unique and feel very fortunate to be here. They are critical thinkers capable of self-reflection and assessment.

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We live very close to school and commuting is easy for us. We wanted to live close to school so that I could get involved in various activities at school.

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Carey Shea

Class of 1969

I would like to relive all the years I was at the school and I wouldn't have done anything differently. I loved the culture there.

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Tim Cole

Class of 1974

I had just graduated from the grade 6 of a Japanese public school and it was my first day at YIS in the grade 7. I had to write a composition, but I didn't know what the word composition meant.

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Virginia Russolo

Class of 2013

I fondly remember my time at YIS after graduating and how much I enjoyed working with clay in the late afternoon when the winter light would fill the art studio and my only witness was Mount Fuji.

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Jeff Zaveloff

Class of 1985

The relationships I formed at YIS are unparalleled to any other I have formed since. Once a Dragon, always a Dragon.

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Expeditions at YIS

Adventurous wilderness expeditions create authentic opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and conceptual understandings for life-long learning and appreciation of the natural world.

Learning at YIS

Learning changes our thinking and behaviors, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning.

Live Learn Lead

Our mission reflects our passion and enthusiasm for learning and leading lives of balance and purpose in building a caring community.