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Elementary School Student

I am involved in robotics where we get to build robots creatively. We have competitions to drive the robots or have sumo fights between them.

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Middle School Student

I would want to meet Martin Luther King Junior. I think he was a great leader. People liked to follow him because he was a passionate person. 

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Middle School Student

I take piano, violin and koto lessons. I like them all but I especially like koto because it's fun to play together with many people to build up a song.

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Elementary School Student

I feel that learning here is more fun. We have more projects to do here and I like that very much.

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Misao Akashi

Japanese Teacher

My childhood dream was to play for the Japanese National Volleyball Team and compete in the Olympics.

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Sergio Mejia

Mathematics and Science Teacher

As a former IB student myself, I think that IB Mathematics provides a solid background for students going into mathematical fields, but also gives a good analytical foundation that is useful in many subject areas. 

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May Swatphakdi

ELC Teacher

I've had a connection with Japan since I was young. I grew up reading Japanese manga, watching Japanese TV shows, and idolizing a Japanese boyband.

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Yoko Koike

Athletic Trainer / Assistant to Activities Director

I am passionate about sports safety and creating a safe environment for student athletes to play sports.

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I created the YIS Tokyo Parents Group to connect YIS parents who live in Tokyo. We get together regularly for coffees to get to know one another and to help each other out.

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There are many different activities such as cooking lessons, a hiking club and many other activities to socialize with other parents.

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My son's and daughter's sports teams - basket team, soccer team, volleyball team and baseball team - are all a source of happiness and new friends.

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This is our first time in the IB system, and we love it. I see a change in my kids everyday.

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Tiffany Schafer-Howley

Class of 1996

My first visit to the school, just a few days before the start of the semester, was quite memorable as I had chosen the school by brochure alone...yep the internet didn't really exist back then!  

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Matthew Sato

Class of 2014

I am currently based in Los Angeles as a music composer writing music for several upcoming short films. In L.A., I am able to network through projects and mutual friends and also through fellow YIS Alumni.

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Resa Mishina

Class of 2012

I am now based in New York City as a professional actress. I audition for musicals, plays, TV, and film projects constantly. I get to travel and work across the United States, which I think is a perk of being a performer.

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Tomoko Yasuda

Class of 2016

A lot of my favorite memories in YIS come from the sports matches and practices. I used to play a sport each season, rotating between football, cross country, and field hockey.

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Expeditions at YIS

Adventurous wilderness expeditions create authentic opportunities for students to develop knowledge, skills and conceptual understandings for life-long learning and appreciation of the natural world.

Learning at YIS

Learning changes our thinking and behaviors, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning.

Live Learn Lead

Our mission reflects our passion and enthusiasm for learning and leading lives of balance and purpose in building a caring community.