PTSA Mentor Program

Dear New YIS Families,

Welcome to Yokohama International School for the 2018-19 academic year! My name is Becky Hanson and I am the Coordinator of the volunteer Mentor Program organized by the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at YIS. I am originally from the U.S. My husband is from Tokyo, originally, and we have one son who will be starting grade 9. This is my second time living in Japan and I really love this community.

The aim of the Mentor Program is to help families new to YIS, and perhaps new to Japan, settle smoothly into school and the local community. The program is conducted by YIS volunteers and my role is to assign a mentor family to work with your family. This family will ideally have children in the same or similar grades as your child/children, live close to your new home or come from the same home country. They can provide support and introductions to other parents and students, as well as offer guidance about adjusting to your new life here.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this program, a suitable mentor family will be assigned to you. The mentor will then contact you and schedule a time to meet. At this first meeting, you can both chat about which approach you would like to take and get a better idea of the type of help that would benefit you most.

The mentor has offered to help your family, so please feel free to ask for the kind of help that you need. You are able to choose the amount of contact you would like with your mentor. Some new families are happy to just have an initial meeting, or to exchange emails, or to know that there is a friendly face that they can call on. Other families go on to form strong, ongoing friendships with their mentors. It is entirely between the two of you.

We want to make your move to YIS as smooth as possible, to help your family transition into a successful and happy life in Japan. If you would like to participate in the Mentor Program, please email me so that I can start the process of assigning a mentor family. You are welcome to contact me any time with any requests or concerns that you might have. If you are moving to Tokyo/Yokohama, I hope that your arrival will be safe and problem free. Once again, welcome to YIS and I wish you a happy and memorable time here.


Rebecca (Becky) Hanson

PTSA Mentor Coordinator

For more information on our PTSA in general, please see our PTSA website