Ways to Give

Giving Methods

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Tax Deductibility

In Japan: YIS is certified as a Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin (Special Public Interest Promotion Organization) and your gifts over ¥2,000 may be deducted from your taxable income or from your income tax when filing your Japanese tax return. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the best deductibility option for you. We will send you a tax receipt for any donation that you make above ¥2,000.

In the United States: U.S. dollar-denominated gifts are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers when made through Give2Asia, a nonprofit organization approved to receive tax-deductible gifts according to section 501(c)(3) of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Tax receipts for U.S. dollar gifts are issued by Give2Asia.

In Hong Kong: Gifts from Hong Kong donors are tax-deductible when made through Give2Asia Foundation Limited, a tax exempt organization under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Hong Kong IR File Number 91/11865).


Matching Gifts

Many companies or corporate foundations will match gifts to not-for-profit international schools like YIS. Matching gift programs allow donors to double the value of their gifts to the school. Please check with your personnel officer about whether your organization has a matching gift program.

U.S. corporate foundations may also wish to know that YIS has been granted Equivalency Determination certification through NGO Source. Equivalency Determination certifies that YIS is equivalent to a U.S. 501 (C) 3 public charity and streamlines the tax compliance process for foundation donors.


Fund Options

Supporters of YIS have a variety of connections and affinities with the school. Accordingly, in addition to an unrestricted general fund, we offer several options for directing the use of your gift should there be an area of special importance to you that you wish to help come to fruition.

General Fund

Your gift to this unrestricted general fund allows the school to use the money where most needed to defray the costs of constructing and furnishing the school.


YIS is committed to building an environmentally sustainable campus. This influences decisions around materials used, methods of construction and impact on the environment in the long term, considering elements such as emissions, water and energy usage, recycling and maintenance and replacement cycles. Gifts that you earmark for this category will support initiatives including installation of green roofs/walls and solar panels, use of natural and environmentally friendly materials, and systems for recycling of wastewater. If you would like to sponsor a solar panel for our 122.4kW, 360-solar panel energy system, see our Become a Solar Panel Supporter page

Greening the Campus

Through the use of plants, trees and gardens in various areas we hope to bring the beauty of nature into the campus to support the wellbeing of the YIS community while also contributing to a pleasant environment for the surrounding neighborhood. Your gift in this category will go toward the purchase of trees and plants, outdoor furniture or decorative features, as well as  whole gardens or rest areas around the campus.

Play Spaces

The provision of play areas and playground equipment is an essential element of the campus development, as we view play as an integral part of learning for all ages. We intend to have multiple designated play spaces that will require specialized equipment to be purchased or custom designed and built to suit our needs. Your gifts in this category will help us create innovative play spaces that inspire our students’ imaginations.

Performing Arts

A larger and more sophisticated auditorium is one of the biggest improvements planned for the new campus. The flexible design will accommodate a wide range of uses, including large floor space for exhibitions, conferences and social events, as well as comfortable theater seating for audiences to enjoy a variety of performances from across the school. Your gift to this category will help us to procure lighting and AV systems, seating, stage equipment and other materials required to realize a performing arts center worthy of our multi-talented students.


Athletic facilities at the new campus will be leagues beyond what we currently have, including a full-size soccer pitch, two full-size gymnasiums and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool. Needless to say, these facilities require a major investment. Your gift in this area will help to fund a broad range of equipment and materials that will enable us to make the most out of these facilities for our PE and activities programs. This will include things like soccer and field hockey goals, electronic scoreboards, pool starting blocks and lane markers, spectator seating, and much more.











米国の企業財団には、YISがNGOSourceを通してEquivalency Determinationの認定されています。Equivalency Determinationにおいて、YISは米国の内国歳入法第501条C項3号で定められた公共慈善団体と同等であると認定されており、企業財団からの寄付の税務申告はスムーズに行って頂けます。  







YISは、環境的に持続可能なキャンパス作りに取り組んでいます。使用する材料の決定や、建築の方法、長期間にわたる環境への影響、例えば、排出、水やエネルギーの使用、リサイクルやメンテナンス、交換頻度などの要素を考慮して決定してゆきます。この分野へ割当てられた寄付は, 緑化屋根/壁やソーラーパネルの設置、自然で環境にやさしい素材の使用、排水のリサイクルシステム等の導入に使われます。ソーラーパネル設置への寄付をされたい方はBecome a Solar Panel Supporterページをご参考ください








新しいキャンパスでの運動施設は、現在のキャンパスにより充実した施設となります。フルサイズのサッカー場、バスケットボールコートが2面入る大きさの体育館および25メートルの屋内水泳プールを整備しますが、言うまでもなく、これらの施設には大きな投資が必要です。この分野における寄付は, 体育の授業や部活動のプログラムでこれらの施設を最大限に活用できるよう、幅広い設備や用具を揃えるための資金に充てられます。これには、サッカーやフィールドホッケーのゴール、電光表示式スコアボード、プールのスターティングブロックやレーンマーカー、観客席やその外多くのものが含まれます。