Be a YIS Solar Supporter

Help us reduce the carbon footprint of the new YIS campus by supporting a planned solar energy installation that is expected to contribute just over one fifth of our total annual electricity needs.

What is 51 metric tons of CO2 emissions equivalent to?*

*Calculations based on US Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator

The solar installation is one of the key environmental sustainability measures planned for the new campus and requires a major investment in excess of ¥25 million for the purchase and installation of solar panels, power conditioners and related equipment plus associated construction costs. Please help us make this installation a reality by making a donation to the Sustainability Fund of the YIS2C Capital Campaign. 

Sponsor a solar panel with a donation of ¥50,000 or contribute whatever you can to help us realize this important initiative. To earmark your donation for the solar panel initiative, in the Donation form select ‘Sustainability’ as the fund and enter ‘solar panels’ in the ‘Allocate to multiple funds’ line.