Frequently Asked Questions

The Project

Why are you building a new campus?

Campus development has been a strategic focus of the Board of Directors for several years, as the current Yamate-cho campus buildings and facilities have aged and require increasing investment to maintain. Of particular note, the main building, which is over 50 years old and accounts for over two-thirds of our secondary classroom space, will require replacement within the next 5 years, and because of building height regulations that were revised several years after it was originally constructed, we would only be allowed to replace the building at half its current size.

Beyond that, the school has clearly outgrown the current campus, and there are many bottlenecks and limitations which affect our ability to effectively deliver our academic and extracurricular programs. Athletic and arts facilities are especially limited in comparison with other international schools in the Tokyo area, and basic classroom size is also tight in all grades. Moreover, education has changed significantly since the current buildings were constructed, and the conventional design of corridors lined with boxy classrooms no longer suits the creative, collaborative and inquiry-based approach that is at the heart of our IB academic programs.


What are the plans and ideas for the design of the new campus?

See the Our New Campus page of our website for an overview of the new campus design plans. This page will be updated periodically as the project progresses.


How will the new campus be different than the current campus?

The new purpose-built campus will bring many improvements to the teaching and learning environment as well as our overall school community. Examples include the following:

  • More spacious and better equipped classrooms with flexible learning spaces suited to a range of teaching and learning styles and approaches.

  • Self-contained campus with improved security, as all facilities will be located in the same place.

  • Expanded athletic facilities, including two gymnasiums, a full-size soccer pitch, and a 25-meter indoor swimming pool.

  • Expanded arts facilities, including a larger auditorium with proper stage and comfortable seating, larger music and drama facilities.

  • Larger, fully equipped visual art and design studio to accommodate model making, hard materials construction and other design work, as well as exhibition space.

  • Ample green space and play areas, including interactive gardens, fixed and modular play equipment, and a variety of recreational spaces.

  • Larger and better configured cafeteria with indoor and outdoor seating.

  • A range of environmental design features and systems, including green roofs/walls, water recycling and solar energy systems.

  • Community room for parent/alumni use.


How much is the total project cost, and how will it be financed?

The new campus represents a major investment in excess of ¥10 billion that will be by far the largest in the school’s history. Fortunately, the school’s finances are solid and, thanks to the foresight of the Board of Directors, include a sizeable reserve that has been built up over more than a decade for this purpose. In addition to this reserve, the bulk of the financing for the project will come from a low-interest loan and proceeds from the sale of the current property, which has been purchased on very favorable terms to the school by a respected residential real estate company. The final piece of financing is the capital campaign - YIS2C: Building for Our Learning Community - which seeks to raise ¥200 million from now through the end of the project to help realize this dream.


The Campaign

Why have a capital campaign? Will it make any difference?

The YIS2C capital campaign invites the extended YIS community - including current and former families and staff, alumni, corporate employers and other supporters - to play a direct role in helping to realize the dream of a new campus. Money raised through the campaign will be used to  fund enhancements in a range of areas. A general description of these areas is available here, and more specific examples will be posted as the project proceeds. In all cases, gifts to the campaign will make a tangible difference in creating a fantastic new campus for our students and school community. 


What does YIS2C stand for?

There are a number of possible interpretations for the “2C.” Capital campaign is an obvious one, but we are also embarking upon a project that will usher in the second century of YIS. A caring community...the associations are limitless. The kanji inside the campaign logo is "ryu" - dragon.


We may only be here for a few years. Why should we give to the capital campaign?

It has been over 30 years since YIS has engaged in a capital fundraising campaign, and we realize that this may be a new approach for the YIS community. We know, too, that there are different cultural perspectives regarding school fundraising. We appreciate that everyone has different financial circumstances and that many current families are already supporting the school through tuition payments that represent a significant financial investment. The decision on whether or not to give to the campaign is of course up to you, but please know that all gifts to the campaign, however large or small, are sincerely appreciated and will help create fantastic opportunities for our students and the entire school community soon and for generations to come.


How will my contribution be spent?

Donations to the YIS2C capital campaign will be used to enhance campus facilities in a range of areas. Recognizing that supporters of YIS have a variety of connections and affinities with the school,  we offer several options for donors to direct the use of their gift should there be an area of special importance they wish to help come to fruition. See the fund options here.


How can I donate?

Please see our Ways to Give page for details.


Can I donate from outside Japan?

Yes, please see our Ways to Give page for details. Note that all donations will be converted to Japanese yen when the transfer/payment is made.


How much should I donate?

Please contribute any amount you feel comfortable donating. Each donation contributes to the development of the new campus and to enhancements that will allow learning to meet the future needs of students, teachers and parents. We are truly grateful for all gifts, however large or small, and in recognizing our donors we do not make distinctions in giving levels.  


Are gifts to the capital campaign tax deductible?

Yes. YIS is certified as a Tokutei Koeki Zoshin Hojin (Special Public Interest Promotion Organization) and your gifts over ¥2,000 may be deducted from your taxable income or from your income tax when filing your Japanese tax return. Please consult your tax advisor regarding the best deductibility option for you. We will send you a tax receipt for any donation that you make above ¥2,000.

YIS has also been certified to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity by NGO Source, and as such U.S. dollar-denominated gifts are tax-deductible for U.S. taxpayers when made through Give2Asia, a nonprofit organization approved to receive tax-deductible gifts according to section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code. Tax receipts for U.S. dollar gifts are issued by Give2Asia.

Gifts from Hong Kong donors are tax-deductible when made through Give2Asia Foundation Limited, a tax exempt organization under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (Hong Kong IR File Number 91/11865).

What is Give2Asia and what is its relationship with YIS?

We have created a new avenue to promote the YIS2C capital campaign to donors in the U.S. and Hong Kong via our strategic partnership with Give2Asia, an international nonprofit that establishes trusted pathways for philanthropy to charitable projects and social enterprises in the Asia Pacific region. This partnership enables donors based anywhere in the United States or Hong Kong to easily make tax-deductible donations to support the campaign by contributing through Give2Asia’s platform.

This partnership is only possible because YIS was vetted by Give2Asia’s due diligence process, which is known for its thorough assessment of the laws and regulations in the U.S. as well as the recipient country. As part of the due diligence process, YIS has been certified to be equivalent to a U.S. public charity by NGO Source, a project of the Council on Foundations and TechSoup, which helps U.S. grantmakers streamline and save in their international giving. This certification is particularly relevant for donors who may have matching contribution programs through their employer. 

As a fiscal sponsor, Give2Asia creates a unique donation page on its website that can be used to send funds and receive an immediate tax receipt. This donation page is located at


How will donors be acknowledged?

All gifts are personally acknowledged with thank you letters accompanied with the tax receipts. (Note: For gifts made through Give2Asia, you will receive tax receipts directly from that organization and it may take a few weeks for processing before our letter of thanks is sent.)

As for public recognition, unless you request that your gift be made anonymously, we will list the names of all donors on our Support YIS website and in posters at school. In keeping with our school culture, we have decided not to have “giving clubs” that acknowledge donors according to the amount of their donation.


Campaign logo for campus development