Celebrating Our Move

With the move to our new campus in December only a few short months away, we aim to celebrate the historical and emotional significance of the Yamate-cho campus and the opportunities afforded to our community by our purpose-built new campus through a range of special activities and events for students, parents, staff and alumni. As plans develop, information about the events will be posted here and provided through our regular communication channels. We hope the events unite our community through their shared memories and experiences while also creating a foundation for a common and exciting future .

Time capsule burial on the new campus
Mon., Sep. 27

How will future Dragons remember school on the Yamate campus in 2021? Students from ELC to High School have selected items of importance they would like future Dragons to see to learn about school life as we know it now. The items will be placed in two time capsules and buried on the new campus under a sakura tree.

Yamate-cho campus open house
Sat., Nov. 20

Parents, alumni and former students are invited back to the Yamate-cho campus to walk through the hallways and classrooms, the cafeteria and roof tops, and other nostalgic areas where life-long friendships took root and lasting memories continue to live.

Parents' open house: 10:00 am - 12:00 pm.
Alumni open house: 1:30 pm - 3:30 pm.

Yamate-cho campus closing ceremony
Sat., Nov. 27, 1:00pm

After 97 years on the original site of the school, we shall bid farewell to the Yamate-cho campus that began with a community of only six students and one teacher in 1924. As we prepare for a new chapter in our school’s history, we take pride and joy in remembering the experiences that forged lifelong bonds between classmates, colleagues and friends and helped make YIS such a special community. Due to COVID-19 health restrictions, the event will be for invited guests. A livestream of the closing ceremony will be available on our Youtube channel.

Student and staff walk to the new campus
Fri., Dec. 10

Students and staff will commemorate our move from the Yamate-cho campus to the new campus with a walk to the new campus. 

New campus Open House for YIS families
Date TBD





Building for Our Learning Community

black and white picture of a wooden school building with children playing outside, circa 1924

YIS school building, circa 1924. 

black and white picture of a 1-storey wooden school building with a dirt playing field.

YIS new school building opening ceremony, 1955.

white 3-storey school building with the sign Yokohama International School on top

YIS school building, 1999.  

school yard with children playing basketball, with brick buildings in the background

YIS school building, 2017.