Our Mission

Our Values

We are mindful of the needs and rights of others.
We are honest in our dealings.
We are peaceful in our intentions.
We are responsible in our actions.
We are supportive of each other.

Our Stories

Live Learn Lead. Three simple and dynamic words that capture the essence of who we are as a school community and what we are striving for, and which serve as an ongoing catalyst for growth and for telling our stories - students’ stories, faculty and staff’s stories and families’ stories. The simplicity of our mission enables a common understanding of our shared purpose but at the same time allows interpretations as diverse as the individuals who comprise our international community. Check out the stories below for a glimpse of Live Learn Lead in action, and visit us to find out more.

Special Olympics Unified Basketball Practice

The Kanagawa Special Olympics Unified Basketball team spent three days in November and December practicing with YIS students, staff and parents, continuing a long-standing tradition of community engagement, and providing friendly competition for the whole family.

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HS student follows passion for alleviating poverty

Sato comments, "I thought of poverty as something very distant and far away from me as I only had some vague ideas. But as I started to do my internship, I was able to get a better idea of it and how even a water well or a school can help families to break the poverty cycle."

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