Student Awards

Every year, selected middle school students receive awards to honor their contributions and achievements in various aspects of school life. The awards range from recognizing academic achievement to outstanding character to international citizenship. Below are the major middle school awards.

The Council of International Schools (CIS) International Award

This award is given to a student or group of students who best exemplify the attributes of international citizenship through the development and advancement of internationalism. The student(s) must have demonstrated a clear commitment to sustained interaction with students of other nationalities, languages or ethic backgrounds in a spirit of international understanding and cooperation. Achievements should encompass efforts directed beyond participation in regular school activities, and the student(s) should demonstrate efforts to creatively solve known or emerging problems, acquire and effectively deploy knowledge or resources beyond those immediately available in the school, and directly involve peoples of other cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds. The recipients are chosen through faculty nominations and votes.

2017 Recipient: Middle School Chiku Group

Past CIS Award Recipients

2017: Middle School Student Council

2016: Middle School Chiku Group

2015: Kai Clark

2014: The GIN-CAS Red & White Committee

2013: MS Global Issues Network-Community & Service Team (MS GIN-CAS)

2012: Not awarded

2011: Middle School Community & Service Team

John Tanner Award

This award is given to a grade 8 student who has performed above and beyond during the school year, has been actively involved in school life since joining middle school, and has been a tremendous ambassador for the school. The recipient is chosen through faculty nominations and votes.

2018 Recipient: Sophia Pichardo

Past John Tanner Award Recipients

2017: Sophie Verschoof

2016 - Kai Clark

2015 - Grace Chung

2014 - Jack Nicholson

2013 - Emily de Ruyver

2012 - Adina Darbyshire

2011 - Kelly Chung

2010 - Robert Yoshinami-Hitachi

2009 - Sean Dolan

2008 - Elin Smevige

2007 - Julie Kinoshita

2006 - Fredrik Gresseth

2005 - Jessica Werlin

2004 - Jacob Werlin

2003 - Marisa Lee

2002 - Emily Stanworth

2001 - Christopher Gibson

2000 - Jeana Takahashi

1999 - Thomas Wycherly

In addition to these awards, the students are recognized with academic achievement awards, which are not based on GPA, but on achievement across a variety of subjects and approaches. There are awards for sportsman/sportswoman, actor, artist and musician of the year, and Student Council President. There are also various athletic and fine arts awards to recognize achievements in individual sports and activities.