Learning Support

Student-centric learning lies at the core of our philosophy, and the YIS Learning Support department was developed to recognize student needs and find effective ways of supporting our diverse learners, as well as to celebrate their learning differences. The Learning Support department at YIS upholds the principles of a balanced education rooted in the firm belief in inclusion. Academic excellence is reflected in our philosophy of supporting and celebrating the diversity of learning needs within the school community. We endeavor to accommodate students with diverse learning needs to achieve their highest potential while celebrating their unique learning strengths and needs.

Program Overview

The Learning Support department works in collaboration with the Counselors and the English as an additional language (EAL) teachers to support students in the areas of academics, behavior and social and emotional development. Learning Support services range from observations and consultation with staff and parents to a range of individualized and group instruction for students with various learning needs. Our Learning Support Delivery model is inspired by the philosophy of the three-tiered system of the Response to Intervention model. Students are placed on one of the three levels of support ranging from Monitor, to LS-1(time-limited services) and LS-2 (intensive intervention) levels of support.

Additional Services

Psycho-Educational and Speech and Language evaluations are available on a needs basis within the department. Observations, past records and discussions with teachers and parents precede the diagnostic and speech assessments. Where necessary, parents may be requested to obtain external educational assessments in order to understand and serve student needs more effectively.


The goal of the school and the Learning Support department is to support student needs adequately. With this in mind, students flagged at admissions are informally or formally assessed to ensure the school can meet their needs. Parent interviews, trial days and diagnostic screenings and assessments are some of the other ways in helping us determine the level of support required and the possibility of meeting those needs. Parents may be requested to provide further diagnostic information to help clarify presenting needs.

SENIA logo

YIS is a member of SENIA which is a network of educators, professionals and parents across Asia dedicated to supporting children with special learning needs. YIS helped establish the Japan chapter in 2015.


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