University Counseling


Graduating students sing the school song

At YIS, we believe that the process of applying to university is full of excitement and opportunity, and that it begins with knowing yourself. Integral to the process is an authentic commitment to self-reflection and personal growth. It involves students considering their strengths, examining what sparks joy for them in their learning, and asking themselves, "what is it that I truly value?"

Our high school program provides opportunities for students to reflect on these questions so that important decisions about the future are made thoughtfully and honestly. We believe that the goal is to find the university that will provide the best fit for a student's unique personality, desires, and interests. Over ninety percent of our graduating seniors matriculate directly into university, while a smaller group of students pursue gap year experiences or seek career experience directly.

Challenging oneself is encouraged in all aspects of life, and while this process is no exception, we encourage students to apply to a group of universities that will allow for them to have choices when they receive their responses. We also recognize that this is a highly individualized process, and so by providing support via a formal program complemented by individual student and family meetings, we are able to meet students where they are and alleviate much of the anxiety that may accompany it.

Our mission of Live, Learn, Lead encourages students to become people who endeavor to live lives of meaning and continuous learning. These are precisely the qualities that universities and dynamic employers are seeking in their future students and employees; by focusing on our mission, YIS is preparing students for their futures from the early years onward.



University Matriculation

Each year, over ninety to ninety-five percent of our graduates enter institutions of higher learning directly, matriculating to colleges and universities in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, the Netherlands, and other countries. The other five to ten percent typically choose to take a gap year.

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High School Profile

When YIS students apply to colleges and universities, we provide grade transcripts, teacher recommendations, and a high school profile with information regarding our academic programs, course offerings, test scores, and assessment policy.

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