Global Citizen Diploma

Global Citizen Diploma image showing a range of students

The Global Citizen Diploma (GCD) is a high school diploma designed to complement the rigor of the DP academic program by recognizing a student’s whole education–learning that has taken place inside the classroom, within the larger context of school and in the world beyond. The GCD is a diploma of recognition, not addition. The intent of the GCD is not to encourage students to achieve more, but to encourage others to recognize and value more of the extraordinary things our students have already achieved.

The GCD was founded by YIS in the 2011-12 academic year, and since then we have developed a collaboration with eight other leading international schools (American School of Antananarivo, ACS International School,
Hillingdon, Escola Concept, Hong Kong Academy, International School of Uganda, Le Jardin Academy, Nanjing International School, and NIST International School) to increase the awareness, value and global recognition of the program. Combining forces with these like-minded schools allows us to moderate assessment between schools (adding more reliability and authenticating the experience of our students), open the door for student connections and, most critically, amplify our efforts to promote our students in the college admissions process.


The levels of recognition within the GCD

Communications, global perspectives and community engagement are core elements within the GCD framework, which extends to a range of important criteria from arts, adventure and fitness to apprenticeship, management, digital citizenship and more.

Student achievements in these varied areas give life to our mission to 'inspire students and provide them with the academic and social skills that will enable them to fulfill their human potential as responsible global citizens.'




We believe it is the role of schools to help students become valuable, not through isolated intelligence, but through context, connection and compassion, and through the development of any passion, talent or skill that elevates the human condition. The GCD offers not just a traditional measure of a student’s intelligence, but of the overall value they will bring to their university, college, workplace, community, and indeed, to the world at large

Visit the Global Citizen Diploma site for detailed information.

Diagram showing different aspects of the GCD