Social Sciences


Individuals & Societies is an interdisciplinary course that introduces and develops students’ understanding of and skills in a range of social sciences, notably history, geography, government, economics, psychology and business. The course is designed to be academically rigorous and provide students with an excellent introduction to and grounding in the group 3 IB diploma courses; history, geography, psychology and economics.


Students will be exposed to skills necessary for success in all Group 3 Diploma subjects. These skills include: knowledge and understanding, application and interpretation, synthesis and evaluation and effective communication. Students will also practice discipline specific skills, such as map reading in Geography or source analysis skills in History. Throughout the year, blog posts, online collaborative work, varied types of research and analysis, and work with graphics, maps, charts and statistics provide opportunities for students to deepen and broaden their understanding of essential knowledge, concepts and skills, as well as to authentically communicate that understanding.


Students are assessed according to the Middle Years Program assessment criteria which assess:

(A) Knowing and Understanding

(B) Investigating

(C) Communication

(D) Thinking Critically

In order to give the students the chance to demonstrate real understanding, they complete a range of assessments, both formative and summative, over the course of the two years. However, assessments will be varied and may include projects, including posters, podcasts, and oral presentations. Students will also do assessments modeled on the Diploma Program internal assessments, including geography fieldwork and historical investigations. Students will be asked to reflect and demonstrate their learning using their Learning Hub blog.