Physical and Health Education


The aim of the Physical Education programme at YIS is to develop a combination of transferable skills promoting physical, intellectual, emotional and social development, and to encourage present and future choices that contribute to long-term healthy living.

In the G11-12 programme, PE builds upon the foundations of physical skills, concepts, knowledge and attitudes laid in MYP PE. Students will move through 2-year program and be involved in a variety of activities/games and skills that we hope will encourage them to keep up a lifelong interest in activities, wellness and fitness. We find as our students transition to life beyond school, that having more exposure to new sports, coupled with the continued development of a student’s well being is crucial to maintaining physical, mental and social fitness.


Students in Grades 11-12 have 1 double period a week. Content includes outdoor and indoor invasion games, movement composition, net games, striking and fielding games, fitness as well as new activities such as yoga, nutritional studies (learn to cook basic meals) and dance crafted around their academic program. This content aims to offer students continued locomotor, gross and fine motor skills, hand eye/foot eye coordination, and health related fitness skill. The first semester allows students to access all of the above activities. However, during the second semester, students will choose a track that suits them and will specialise in a certain area that they enjoy and see themselves developing further. These 3 choices are; Aesthetics and Fitness, Invasion Games, or Net Games. The PE programme also continues to contribute to a student’s personal and social education, providing opportunities for cooperation, reflection, teamwork, decision-making and problem solving. We believe that these are just some of the important skills students should be consolidating prior to leaving YIS.


Students are not formally assessed in G11-12 PE, students will receive credit for their attendance, those who don’t meet the YIS standards will not earn credit. Students are expected to come to every class, prepared and ready for their lesson but will not have assessment tasks beyond participation and displaying a positive attitude.