Online Courses

In the 2017-18 academic year, YIS will continue to offer a limited number of grade 11 and 12 students the option of taking one of their IBDP courses online. These courses are identified in the course catalog with the notation “available online” next to the course name.

Online courses provide students with an opportunity to learn in a truly global classroom, with teachers and classmates from other IB schools around the world, and extend the options available to them. Online courses require a mature and self-directed approach to study. Students should be self-motivated and very confident using the Internet and wider technology. Further information about our online courses is available through our online course provider, Pamoja Education, at

Enrollment Limitations and Selection Criteria

Enrollment in the online courses is limited. Decisions on who can opt for online learning will be made on a case-by-case basis, with the following conditions, but not exclusively, taken into account:

• The desired course is offered at YIS but is oversubscribed.
• The course is needed for graduation or a college prerequisite and is not offered by YIS.
• The student has difficulty finding a third higher level course among YIS course options.
• The student’s teachers and tutors have determined that he or she is able to take on the challenge of independent online work.

Please Note: A student may only take one online course. Parents must sign a consent form to authorize online learning.


YIS will accept credits earned through online learning and count them towards graduation. An online report will be separate from the one issued by YIS and may be reported at different times than the YIS reports; however, all online courses will appear on the student’s YIS transcript. For transcript purposes, online term one and two will count toward the YIS semester one transcript and online term three and four will count toward the YIS semester two transcript.

Online DP Course Offerings