Aims / Objectives

Through studying music students become aware of how musicians work and communicate. The aim is to enable students to:

1. enjoy lifelong engagement with music

2. become informed, reflective and critical practitioners in the field of music

3. understand the dynamic and changing nature of music

4. explore and value the diversity of music across time, place and cultures

5. express ideas with confidence and competence

6. develop perceptual and analytical skills

7. and in addition, the aim of the music course at SL and HL is to enable students to

develop their knowledge and potential as musicians, both personally and collaboratively.


Having followed the music course at SL or HL, students will develop and are expected to demonstrate the following skills:

1. complete comparative analysis of music in relation to time, place and cultures

2. use appropriate musical terminology to describe and reflect their critical understanding of music

3. creative skills through exploration, control and development of musical elements

4. performance skills through solo or group music making

6. critical-thinking skills through reflective thought.


Students are assessed in three components.

  1. Musical Perception
  2. Creating
  3. Performance

Grades 11 and 12

All students whether Standard Level (SL) or High Level (HL) music complete:

  • a formal grade 11 and 12 music recitals as well as in class performances
  • a musical links investigation of 2,000 words, comparing and contrasting two unique musical cultures.
  • a Listening Examination

* SL students must also choose ONE of three options:

• 2 compositions (SLC)

• a 15 minute solo performance CD (SLS)


• a 30 minute group performing (SLG)

*HL students must also complete ALL of the following:

• a 20 minute solo performance CD

• 3 compositions

DP Music Course Description

  • Musical Perception - Students will show their understanding of musical concepts through the analysis of masterworks as well as comparing different cultures of music.

  • Creating – Students will learn how to create music through a sequential program of study. Students will develop creative skills through exploration, control and development of the musical elements in the forms of composing, arranging, improvisation, and theoretical exercises.

Performance – Students will develop performance skills through solo or group performing. There will be a number of performance opportunities offered throughout the year and will culminate with the Grade 11 DP Music Recital in the spring.