Grades 11 & 12 (DP)

Japanese Ab Initio (SL only)

This course is a language learning course for beginners, designed to be followed over two years by students who have little or no previous experience of learning the target language. The main focus of the course is on the acquisition of language required for purposes and situations usual in everyday social interaction. The course aims to develop the four language skills and a basic awareness of the culture through the study of the core syllabus. The syllabus contains the following themes: individuals and society, leisure and work, urban and rural environment. At the end of the course students will have developed an ability to communicate effectively in a limited range of situations.

Language B: French, Spanish, German, Japanese (HL and SL)

Mostly available at both higher and standard levels, the Language B courses occupy the middle ground of the group 2 modern languages spectrum and are language-learning courses for students with some previous experience of learning the target language. The main focus of these courses is on language acquisition and the development of skills considerably beyond those expected of an ab initio candidate, up to a fairly sophisticated degree at higher level. Language B courses give students the opportunity to reach a high degree of competence in a language and explore the culture(s) using the language. The courses provide an integrated study of grammar, literature and cultural aspects. At the end of these courses students will have developed an ability to communicate clearly and effectively in a range of situations. Students in the higher level courses will demonstrate the ability to communicate more complex ideas and the ability to analyze longer and more difficult texts. They will also engage in an in-depth study of a few literary texts.

Language A: Japanese, German Language and Literature (HL and SL)

Language A: Language and Literature is a course focusing on developing an understanding of the constructed nature of meanings generated by language. Two parts of the course relate to the study of language and two to the study of literature. This course is designed for students with a very high level of proficiency in the target language. The Language A courses (SL and HL) focus on refining students’ language skills through analysis of literary texts and articles related to cultural topics. Students will learn to recognize and analyze aspects of style and register and to incorporate these aspects in their own writing. The students will need to use the target language accurately and show a high level of proficiency.