PYP Exhibition

The PYP Exhibition is a celebration of the Primary Years Program for students in Grade 5. Students carry out an extended, collaborative inquiry with the guidance of their teachers and mentors. It is an opportunity for them to apply the critical thinking and inquiry skills that they have acquired over the course of their PYP learning journey from ELC to Grade 5. 

Students choose a real-life issue or opportunity that they are passionate or curious about. They work together with their teachers to focus their inquiry, apply their knowledge and skills, investigate perspectives and make connections to self, the community and the world. They are encouraged to take ownership of their learning and to consider how they can take action to make a difference in the world. 

The central idea for the PYP Exhibition states a broad conceptual understanding that enables students to explore the concepts embedded in the transdisciplinary theme, How We Express Ourselves. Each year in the PYP from ELC to Grade 5, students inquire into this theme. Over the course of their learning journey, students discover how they can express their ideas, culture, values and creativity. In the PYP Exhibition, students apply their understandings and skills to express a message about the issue that they have investigated. The Exhibition inquiry process culminates in a presentation to the school and wider community, in which students demonstrate attributes of the IB Learner Profile and international mindedness.

There are many elements to the Exhibition, one of those being an Expression Element. The 2022 PYP Exhibition has been designed to showcase each child's Expression Element, which is connected to one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals they wanted to investigate. See pictures of how our students share their learning, perspectives, and action in this year's PYP exhibition in YIS Photos. The video below recounts the students' efforts and team work in their path towards the final exhibition.