Music is a part of everyday life which allows people to communicate in a unique way.

Elementary students engage in a celebration of music and song

Students are given opportunities to discover a broad range of music experiences in creating and responding through singing, playing instruments, listening, composing and exploring notation.

Music is both an active and reflective process when making and listening to it. Students draw on a wide range of sources in their music learning from their own imaginations to real-life experiences and music composed by themselves and others.

The opportunity to participate in live performances as authentic celebrations of student learning also allows students to work collaboratively and gain awareness of the audience.

Students at YIS:

  • Live with and through music as they make sense of the world and their place in it.
  • Learn skills and develop understandings about how musicians work.
  • Lead by having the courage to create and share creative expressions.

By exposing students to a wide and varied repertoire of musical styles, students can begin to construct an understanding of their environment, their surroundings and structures, and begin to develop personal connections with them in order to become active, caring and thinking participants of a peaceful and sustainable future.