The elementary information & communication technology (ICT) program at YIS is both a form of knowledge and a language that enables students to engage in cross-curricular learning. It includes much more than the knowledge and skills related to computers and their applications. The focus is on holistic student learning and inquiry, rather than merely considering how to use and implement a piece of technology.

In the context of an inquiry-based curriculum, we aim to integrate ICT (which is defined as using computers, cameras, video cameras, projectors and printers etc.) as tools within the broad curriculum. We use Mac laptops and iPads in the elementary classrooms. The main software/programs being iLife (iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand), iStopMotion, Comic Life, KidPix, Kidspiration, Inspiration, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), iWork (Keynote, Pages) as well as using the internet, email, BrainPop and typing programs such as BBC Typing. Using these, we integrate skills, concepts and inquiry to create links between our students and the global community.

ICT is primarily used to collect research, organize and present data. Students share their findings with peers and relevant communities. Through the ICT curriculum, students apply thinking skills in order to create and present meaningful products. The ICT curriculum facilitates the development of communication, social awareness and research skills, as well as being a tool for the presentation of findings both in and out of the classroom.