Technology is integrated into the curriculum in authentic ways to enhance and support student learning. Through technology, students have opportunities for interactive communication, research, creation and exchanging information through global collaboration, authentic learning, expansion of the learning community and empowerment for all learners.

In the PYP, there will be opportunities to use technology in the relevant, authentic context of the Units of Inquiry, as well as through teaching and learning experiences in other areas of the curriculum. Students are given opportunities to identify and reflect on significant ideas within the different skills of technology, the transdisciplinary themes, and various subject areas. Students use technology to engage in building understandings that contribute to their success as lifelong learners in a digital age.

Students at YIS:

  • Live by sharing and reflecting on their learning journey within the YIS community
  • Learn through using technology as a tool to investigate, create, communicate, and collaborate

  • Lead by becoming responsible digital citizens who make informed and ethical choices, while acting with integrity and honesty.