The visual arts permeate the life of every human on earth: artworks and images engage, provoke, instruct, and entertain us.

An Elementary Student examines materials brought in by a visiting artist

It is through the visual arts that children discover ways not only to express and communicate ideas, feelings, and opinions but also to observe, to reflect, to stretch and explore, to develop their craft, to envision, to engage, to persist, and to understand the world of art.

Students are provided the opportunity to investigate and experience a broad spectrum of creative possibilities as they actively respond to and create a variety of 2-dimensional, three-dimensional, and digital art. With a strong focus on process as well as product, students learn and grow through guided inquiry, immersing themselves in structured yet open-ended projects designed to challenge them to become curious, committed, and independent.

Students at YIS:

  • Live by engaging in creative explorations that connect the art classroom to other subject areas and to the world outside
  • Learn through discovering and mastering new skills, knowledge, and understandings about what art is and how artists think and work
  • Lead by finding their strengths and growing in confidence as they collaborate in building a constructive, collaborative, caring learning environment
Elementary students with their art teacher