Drama is both a creative tool for expression and a way in which students can explore, understand and react to the world around them and within themselves.

Elementary students in the ES Play

Students have the opportunity to express themselves both physically and vocally through a variety of theatrical forms including creative movement, mask work, role-play, puppetry and film. With a focus on the process of learning and through guided inquiry, students have opportunities to present their creativity to an audience and develop the ability to become critically aware audience members.

Students at YIS:

  • Live by using theatre to explore their social and emotional needs; developing and applying their ability to communicate in a variety of contexts.
  • Learn skills to effectively communicate their artistic intentions and develop understandings about theatrical forms.
  • Lead by taking initiative and collaborating across programmes and subjects.

When children are allowed to be theatremakers [...] they're empowered in a totally different way. They're given license to create; a process in which they examine themselves and their world and a platform on which to express themselves. (Matt Trueman, Feb 2018)