To many of you the thought of having drama in the school curriculum may be new. You may not have had drama in your school curriculum. So, what do the students do in drama? Why is it important to have in the curriculum?

Drama classes start in grade 1 at YIS. Students come to the Black Box drama room for 45 minutes a week in grades 1-4 and 90 minutes a week in grade 5. Grade 5 students are on six lesson rotations with visual arts.

What do we do in drama class?

Classes are typically organized with warm-up games at the beginning of the class to develop eye contact, awareness of others, spatial awareness and physicality. In elementary classes, there are two parts to the curriculum: Creating and Responding. Students spend the last portion of the class creating, then responding to their work and the work of others.

Why do we offer Drama?

Drama offers lifelong skills and concepts for students. We develop confidence, poise and imagination. Drama classes use verbal and non-verbal communication. Drama is a great place for children learning English language to develop their oral skills and is a place to express yourself in many modalities. Drama is also a place where we develop the skills of performance and presentation.

Do we have a 'big show' at the end of the year?

If students would like to be involved in a big theatrical production, there are opportunities to join the after school activities. In drama class, there are no 'stars' and 'supporting cast.' We are equal and we all get to take our turn and have our moment to express ourselves.