Academic Performance

In addition to a range formative and summative internal assessments, external examinations provide another measure of academic performance for students in some grades at YIS. Specifically, our students in grades 3 - 9 take the International Schools Assessment and our grade 12 students take the IB Diploma exams at the end of their senior year. Results of these examinations for the most recent academic year are shown below. In addition, a number of YIS high school students elect to take the SAT and/or ACT exams for university admission in the U.S. Keep in mind that we are an inclusive school and for well over half of our students English is not their first language. Read about our Assessment Policy.

ISA Results

In grades 3 through 9 we conduct the International Schools’ Assessment (ISA), which is a standardized assessment in mathematical literacy, reading and writing. This test is taken by thousands of students at other international and national schools. To find out more about the ISA testing program, please visit the ISA website. A summary of mean test scores from the ISA assessment in the 2015-16 school year is shown below along with the mean scores other international schools worldwide.

IBDP Results

Although YIS has a non-selective admissions policy, our students' IBDP examination results are consistently well above the global average. While many schools offer the IBDP as a selective program open only to the highest performing students, all YIS students entering grade 11 are given the opportunity to pursue the IB diploma, and the great majority of them achieve that goal. Here are our IBDP exam results for the past five years.

YearCandidatesDiplomas AwardedPass Rate*Average Score**Highest Score
2018 57 5698%33 44
2017 52 52 100% 36 44

* International pass rate for the IB Diploma averages about 80%.

** Average for those receiving diploma. Intentional average score 29.87 points.

A perfect score for the IB Diploma is 45 points. Students may earn up to 7 points in each of the six subjects they choose. Up to 3 additional points may be gained from the results of their Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. For more information on YIS students' academic achievements, please see the High School Profile for College and University Admissions.

SAT & ACT Results

Students in grades 11 and 12 may choose to take the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Tests, and the ACT.

The middle 50% score ranges for SAT and ACT testing for the classes of 2015 - 2017 are shown below.

Redesigned SAT (New Version, 1600 scale)

Classes of 2016 - 2017

Reading and Writing

490 - 650


520 - 690

Total Score

1020 - 1200

SAT (Old Version, 2400 scale)

Classes of 2015-2016

Critical Reading

480 - 620


540 - 670


480 - 610

Total Score

1530 - 1870

ACT (0-36 scale)


English Language Arts

24 - 31


24 - 33


23 - 31


23 - 31

Composite Score

24 - 31