Parent Activities

PTSA organizes a wide range of activities for YIS parents. Take a look at the activities described below to find something that matches your interests and fits your schedule. Let's stay active and continue to build a strong YIS community!

Do you have any suggestions or would you like to organize an activity? Contact one of our Parent Activity Coordinators, Raju Mankani, Mohita Mansingh Varma, Satomi Shimura or Chikako Watanabe.

Parent Activities Calendar

December 2017
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Sun, Nov 26
Mon, Nov 27
Tue, Nov 28
YIS Cafeteria
Yoga & Fitness
Resume Writing Workshop CANCELLED
Loft or Auditorium
Wed, Nov 29
Tai Chi
Thu, Nov 30
Christmas Themed Felt Class
Fri, Dec 1
Machida Antiquities Flea Market Tour
Meeting at Ishikawa-Cho Station
Sat, Dec 2
Sun, Dec 3
Mon, Dec 4
Cooking Class for Gingerbread House
Instructor's House (Honmoku Area)
Tue, Dec 5
YIS Cafeteria
Yoga & Fitness
Wed, Dec 6
Tai Chi
Thu, Dec 7
Cooking Class for Gingerbread House
Instructor's House (Honmoku Area)
Fri, Dec 8
Book Club
Sat, Dec 9
Sun, Dec 10
Mon, Dec 11
Tue, Dec 12
YIS Cafeteria
Yoga & Fitness
Wed, Dec 13
Tai Chi
Thu, Dec 14
Fri, Dec 15
Sat, Dec 16
Sun, Dec 17
Mon, Dec 18
Tue, Dec 19
YIS Cafeteria
Wed, Dec 20
Thu, Dec 21
Fri, Dec 22
Sat, Dec 23
Sun, Dec 24
Mon, Dec 25
Tue, Dec 26
YIS Cafeteria
Wed, Dec 27
Thu, Dec 28
YCAC Bayview Room
Fri, Dec 29
Sat, Dec 30
Sun, Dec 31
Mon, Jan 1
Tue, Jan 2
YIS Cafeteria
Wed, Jan 3
Thu, Jan 4
Fri, Jan 5
Sat, Jan 6

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Tea Box Class

Tea Box Class

Originally known as "Chabako," the Japanese Tea Box is used in the Japanese tea ceremony. However, it can also be an attractive and functional home decoration used to store valuables or other personal items. How can you own a Japanese Tea Box? Join Grace in her Tea Box class and learn the craft yourself. It's a great way to make your stay in Japan unforgettable! Your Tea Box will be custom-designed to suit your particular needs. Grace has been teaching tea box for more than 10 years and has displayed her creations around various events in Yokohama and Tokyo, including the TAC International Bazaar.

When: by appointment, please contact the instructor. Scheduled classes are shown in the PTSA calendar.

Where: instructor's home (Honmoku area)

Fee: The cost for two classes (one class for making, second class for lacquering) is 3500 yen + material cost (from 900 yen depending on box size).

Instructor: Grace Hartoyo


Phone: 090-2487 2351

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is one of the ‘soft’ martial arts developed by the ancient Chinese. It is practiced increasingly in the West as a means of stress management and exercise. Tai Chi is a series of slow, controlled movements or postures, usually practiced outdoors to take advantage of the surrounding energy of nature. Central to Tai Chi is the belief in the life essence, or Qi (pronounced ‘chee’), that flows through invisible channels or meridians in the body. When the flow of Qi is disrupted, illness is the result. The regular practice of Tai Chi is said to strengthen and improve Qi. According to scientific studies, Tai Chi is an effective healing tool for a range of disorders, particularly chronic (for example, arthritis and heart disease) and stress related conditions. Ayako Oguri is an expert Tai chi master and is passionate about teaching Tai chi to everyone.

When: Wednesday's 9:30 - 11:00

Where: YCAC

Fee: 1,500 yen per class

Instructor: Ayako Oguri

Phone: 080 3718 4828

English Conversation Group

Hello YIS parents!

Are you interested in improving your English? Do you need help with your English-language fluency and understanding? There is no better way than to spend time speaking English! Please join us for an introductory meeting of the English Conversation Class!

Introductory Meeting Details

Date: Tuesday , October 3 rd.

Time: 8:45 a.m.

Where: ICJC

Cost: Free!

Weekly Conversation Class Details

Class Days: Tuesday and/or Thursday

Time: 8:45-10:00 a.m.

Where: YIS or ICJC

Cost: 1500yen per 75 minutes

**(If there is a large number of interested students, I may split the class based on current English language level.)

About the Instructor

My name is Rory Pickett, YIS mom of two elementary school children. I have a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a Masters in Teaching from Lewis & Clark College. I am a certified teacher in the United States and am very excited to bring my love of teaching and learning to the YIS community. I look forward to meeting and learning about the many English-learners in our community! While I am new to Japan, I hope I can help others by improving their English skills so everyone feels welcome and confident speaking at school (and in the world)!

About the Classes

Learning happens best when it is meaningful and useful. Weekly topics will be based on student interest and current events, with class time built in for questions and review. Students will improve their grammar and expand their vocabulary through regular use and correction, and occasional reading assignments. I look forward to lively discussion with this international community!

Yoga and Fitness


When: 9am on every Tuesday and Friday

Where: YCAC

Fee: 1000 yen per class

Instructor: Sina Krickhahn / 080-94552507

Tuesday Class

What to expect?

A balanced and mindful yoga class that focuses on gaining flexibility and detoxing your body & mind. We will gain a deeper sense of body awareness while practising breathing/relaxation techniques. Over time your body will become stronger and tone up. Classes are aimed to make you feel good about yourself.

Who can attend?

Everybody! All levels welcome.

Friday Class

What to expect?

We will explore different yoga styles in various environments. If weather permits, we will meet in a park for outdoor yoga. On rainy/cold days we will practice at YCAC.

The sequences will be fun and challenging.

Who can attend?

Everybody that is looking to tone up and get fitter

About myself

In January 2016, I moved to Yokohama after living in Bangalore/India for 4 years with my husband and my two daughters. I am an accredited Hatha Yoga and Children's Yoga Teacher by Yoga Alliance. In 2015 I turned my passion into my profession. I truly believe that we have to nurture and acknowledge the needs of our body and mind. The aim in my yoga classes is to support YOUR needs by providing a safe and fun environment.

Sina Krickhahn


Strategic Sabbaticals Workshop

When: Tuesday, September 19, 2017 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Where: Auditorium

Fee: ¥1,500

Instructor: Janice pica Scholl

Please email to for sign-up

Did you say sayonara to your career to become a trailing spouse in Japan? Are you taking time out of the workforce to raise children? This workshop is aimed at those currently on break from their career who anticipate returning to work one day. Whether you’ve been out of the workforce for five weeks or five years, in any career path, we will discuss strategies to remain active, re-engage, and/or develop new skills for an eventual return to work.

Purposefully designing your time away from the workforce
It’s often a tough decision to leave the security and consistency of a successful career. Many of us plan our exit thoughtfully, but spend little time planning our return once we get busy within our new lives.

Returning to the workforce can be challenging. Those on break worry about financial penalties for time away, dramatic changes in technology, de-skilling, and limited flexible work arrangements upon their return.

We will cover:

  • ● Staying connected to your professional network
  • ● Maintaining your professional skills
  • ● Developing new skills

Japanese Etiquette: Social and Professional Rules and Manners


Wendesday, September 20, 9 - 11am in the Loft

Tuesday, October 3, 7-9pm in the Cafeteria

Instructor: Benedicte Franchot

Please email to for inquiry

Conversations About the Gig Economy

When: Tuesday, October 17, 2017 9:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Fee: ¥1,500

Where: Loft or Auditorium

Instructor: Janice pica Scholl

Please email to for sign-up

When you return to the workforce, will you pursue a traditional employment path or an unconventional one? The world of employment is changing rapidly. According to McKinsey Global Institute, approximately 20-30% of the working age population in the US and Europe are engaged in some form of independent work. This number is expected to continue to grow. What do you need for a successful career in this new employment world? What we will cover:

  • What is the Gig Economy?
  • Why is it important?
  • How does one find gigs?
  • What are the best ways to market yourself?

Resume Writing Workshop

This Workshop is postpone. The revised date will be notified soon.

Instructor: Janice pica Scholl

Please email to for sign-up

Will you be in the job market soon? Writing an updated resume is often the first step in any job search. A clear and concise resume is essential, since we only have seconds to capture the interest of a potential employer in our quest to secure an interview.

What we will cover:

  • Commonsectionsfoundinaresume
  • Bestwritingformat
  • Resumeactionwords
  • Sampleresumes
  • Difference between a resume and C.V

english class in tokyo

Both courses start in November. You must be registered to join the class.

Please contact Linda via whatsapp/viber/line (‪+81-70-1047-0031) or ‪ for inquiry and booking.

Here is a short overview of some of Linda's classes :

General and conversational English:

  • Elementary/pre-intermediate (Wednesday mornings)
  • Intermediate/upper-intermediate (Friday mornings)

In both groups, we focus on all aspects of the language (grammar, vocabulary, register, phonetics,....) as well as on the reading, speaking, listening and writing skills. We also discover some learning strategies.
There's no course book. My lessons are based on authentic documents (from the press, the internet, magazines, flyers,...) and are always linked to daily language tasks and communicative situations. What you learn, improve or practice is very close to real life situations.

Time : ‪9:45–11:15 a.m.

Cost : 2.000 ¥ per 90 minute lesson

Number of students: all my general English classes have a minimum of 3 students and a maximum of 8 students.

Cooking Classes / Workshop : Learn English in a different way !

Format: each workshop is divided into two sessions (2 hours + 3 hours):

  • Session 1: We meet and prepare our menu (discussing the menu, learning the vocabulary needed for our following cooking session). This session includes all aspects of the language such as grammar and vocabulary, and some speaking, writing and reading-comprehension skills.
  • Session 2: We meet a second time (a week later) to cook our three-course menu (starter, main course and dessert) and then enjoy the lunch we've prepared. In this session, everyone gets the chance to cook and try his/her hands at a new dish ! And each participant gets a booklet with all the recipes.

Workshop days:

November : 20th & 27th

December : 4th & 11th

Number of participants: 3 to 6

cost: between ¥6,000 - 8,000 / per person, depending on the number of participants (total cost for the workshop, lunch included, no extra costs)

About the teacher:

My name is Linda Graeble and I am a certified language teacher (CELTA/Cambridge assessment/TEFL qualification). Having already a solid background in English (as a translator/interpreter), I decided to use my first expatriation to become a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) certified English teacher and share my passion for foreign languages with others. I have been teaching English as a foreign language over the last six years in India and Japan (to school parents at the American School Chennai, Corporate Business English for companies in Tokyo, as well as general English, group and one-on-one lessons).

Essential Oil Introduction

When: 10:30 am-12:30 pm, Monday January 22
Where: ICJC
Instructor: Blanka Kobayashi
Fee: ¥1,500 including the essential oils and 3 Make&Take items to take home with you.

Inquiry / Sign up:

Come and learn how you can use Essential oils to benefit your health, your beauty regime and your family's life. In this class Blanka will explain the basics about essential oils, why it is so important to choose the right oils and also, how to use them safely and responsibly. In few steps she will also demonstrate how quickly you can make your own products with essential oils and you will take some of these products home for your personal use.


Ikebana is the art of traditional Japanese flower arranging. It originated and developed in Japan several centuries ago with various schools, each with its own rules. Ms. Kamata teaches the Koryu and Ichiyo styles. Ms. Kamata is a certified Ikebana instructor and received her licenses from both the Koryu and Ichiyo schools. She has been teaching for the last 20 years.

When: 8:30-10:30 am on 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month

Where: YIS Canteen or ICJC (please check the PTSA Calendar)

Fee: 2,000 yen per class

Instructor: Sakiko Kamata


Reiki Treatment

I would like to invite you to my charity therapy sessions which I will dedicate again to help the kids in high Andes with some materials in need and also for project for promoting the Eco-tourism of those regions, to protect their traditional culture.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered through hand movements and is based on the idea that an unseen "life force energy" flows through us. The treatment allows you to feel a wonderful glow that radiates from within and around you. Reiki treats the whole person, including body and emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use.

My charity Reiki sessions are more deeper combining Auric field cleansing and Chakra balancing: for 30 minutes 2000 yen minimum for donation.

When: Fourth Thursday of every month (Nov 23rd, Jan 25th, Feb 22nd, April 26th and May 24th)

  • Previous appointment is required. Please contact me to:
  • Please note our 3-day cancellation policy. If you cannot attend your booked session please notify Ayako 3 days in advance. Otherwise the fee must be paid in full.

Duration of a session: 30-minute session per person (time slots: 9:30-10:00, 10:00-10:30, 10:30-11:00, 11:00-11:30)

Where: YCAC, Bay View Room

Instructor: Ayako Oguri

Cooking Classes

Each month you have an opportunity to participate in a cooking class and sample a different international cuisine. The recipes are provided so you can take the ideas home and tantalize your family's taste buds. They will think you are amazing! Please see the PTSA News on the PTSA homepage or the parent activity calendar to find out more about upcoming cooking classes.


Ginger Bread House:

10am -12.30pm on Dec 4th and 7th

at Instructor's House (Honmoku area)


Chinese Cooking: 10am~ on Jan 29th at ICJC

Please check PTSA News or PTSA Parent Activity Calendar for details

Fee: up to 2500 yen


It’s a group that will get together to read and discuss books. A fabulous occasion to meet new people, exchange ideas, make new creative connections and get the brain juices running. It also helps us to widen our reading as it motivates us to pick up books which are outside our comfort zones. While at the same time helps us to appreciate different perspectives. A great occasion to recommend and share your favorite books to the club.

When: The Book Club meet once a month: Oct 13, Nov 10, Dec 8, Jan 12.

Time: 9-10:30

Where: ICJC

Organizer: Corinne Hatakeyama, Mohita Mansingh Varma


It is a great way to connect and meet new people. It gives you an opportunity to explore the local area near you and enjoy the outdoors. The hiking involved is moderate to easy, and anyone ready to walk can do it.

The hiking is once a month during the weekdays and between the school time. Check the PTSA Calendar or PTSA News for the schedule.

Organizer: Corinne Hatakeyama, Mohita Mansingh Varma


When: 10am - 12pm, a Thursday every month depending on the venue availability

Where: ICJC

Instructor: Rina Ito, Owner of a handcraft shop in Tokyo

Fee: ¥2500 including materials

Pre-booking needed. Please contact PTSA Parents Activities Team for inquiry and sign-up.

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