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Mentor Program

The aim of the Mentor Program is to help families new to YIS, and perhaps new to Japan, settle smoothly into school and the local community. We try to match new families with mentors who have children in the same or similar grades as your children, live close to your new home or come from the same home country. Mentors can provide support and introductions to other parents and students, as well as offer guidance about adjusting to your new life here. If you are new to the school and are interested in having a mentor family help you settle into life in Japan and at YIS, please email our Mentor Coordinator, Iwona.

The program relies on parent volunteers. The more volunteers we have, from a cross selection of nationalities and year levels, the more successful the program can be. As you know, we have over 50 different nationalities at our school and we are always looking for non-English native speakers to be mentors. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill in this form or email Iwona.

The year, PTSA is creating a buddy system that will allow students who commute to school to have some company on the train during the commute. The impetus behind the idea is to help families new to YIS with their children's commute; however, existing families may also benefit from being connected to other families that live on the same train line. This video, made by two outgoing high school students, explains some basics about using the train system to get to school. Families joining YIS during the school year can contact Yasuko Elison, Buddy System Coordinator, to request a train buddy. 


Iwona, Mentor Co-ordinator

 Iwona, Mentor Co-ordinator