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YIS is a wonderful community because of its extensive parental support and the volunteer contributions of people like you! PTSA meets once a month to update parents on what’s going on in the school, including an update from our head of school and student council representatives. This meeting is normally linked to a fun activity. In the past these have included guest speakers, workshops, arts, crafts and outings. Everyone is welcome including your toddlers!

Meeting agendas, minutes, financial statements and PTSA constitution are available through the PTSA section of the Parent Portal.

Would you like to join the PTSA team? Contact us! We are looking forward to getting to know you!

PTSA Committee standing together outside the Loft

PTSA Committee

PresidentKath Davies
Vice-PresidentKaoru Fukui
Coordinator EventsLina Perelshtein Shallom
Events TeamMaria Brackin, Lina Perelshtein Shallom
Parent Activities TeamMichiko Shu, Zahara Ngah, Tomoko Taninai

Communications CoordinatorEstelle Kriek
Communications TeamRika Moriguchi, Chikako Koda, Nobuko Miyamori, Tomoko Arai, Miwa Yu
Treasurers: Karina Jack
SecretaryRika Moriguchi 
Board of Directors LiaisonKaoru Fukui

Mentor Coordinator: Becky Hanson
Class/Grade Parent Coordinator: Lina Perelshtein Shallom
Food Fair Coordinators: Kath Davies, Karina Jack, Becky Hanson, Kris Wright (communications)

Service Liaison TeamMidori Murakoshi-Singer, Raju Mankani, Anju Latka, Nidhi Sharma, Verena Zimmerman
ICJC Liaison: Michiko Shu
Student Activities Liaison: Kris Wright


The PTSA Committee for the 2019-20 school year was elected at the PTSA AGM in May 2019.
Click on the committee position to read the job description.