Yokohama International School is a wonderful community because of its extensive parental support and the volunteer contributions of people like you! The PTSA meets once a month to discuss a range of issues that have an impact on the school and aim to enhance your child's educational experience. Everybody is invited to attend the meetings. Those of you who are interested to learn what was discussed can find the meeting minutes for all meetings below.

Would you like to join the PTSA team? Contact us! We are looking forward to hear from you!

PTSA Committee



Debra Reiskind-Bajaj

Vice President

Kath Davies

Co-ordinator Events

Maria Brackin

Co-ordinator Communications

Midori Murakoshi-Singer


Kristina Wright

BoD Liaison/Secretary

Veronica Johansson


Events Committee

Charlotte Currie

Communications Committee

Emi Goto, Jennifer Ferguson, Madoka Nakamura, Rika Moriguchi, Chikako Koda

Parent Activities Committee

Raju Mankani, Mohita Mansingh Varma, Satomi Shimura, Chikako Watanabe

Assistant Treasurer

Michaela Adomat

Mentor Coordinator

Karina Jack

Class Parent Coordinator

Lina Perelshtein Shallom

Food Fair Coordinators

Kath Davies, Karina Jack, Veronica Johansson

Student Activities Liaison

Peter Jambor

ICJC Liaison

Michiko Shu

The PTSA Committee for the 2017-18 school year was elected at the PTSA AGM on May 16, 2017.

Job Descriptions


  • Represent PTSA at YIS and community events.
  • Chair PTSA meetings
  • Oversee the smooth running of the PTSA.
  • Communicate with the administration, teachers, parents and students on behalf of the PTSA.
  • Determine dates for PTSA General Meetings and PTSA Executive Meetings ( in consultation with the administration).
  • Write a monthly message to the parents.
  • Attend PTSA Executive Meetings with the administration (monthly).
  • Organize the PTSA Annual General Meeting.
  • Shall be required to present an explanation of the Constitution and its By-Laws to all members at the beginning of the academic year and to any new member who may join the Committee in the year.

Vice President

  • Assists the President
  • Performs the duties of the President in her/his absence
  • Attends PTSA executive team meeting
  • Represents PTSA at YIS community events


  • Oversee and coordinate PTSA events (such as Back to School Event Information morning for new parents - held twice a year) and with Parent activities Coordinators to ensure there are no clashes or overlap in the Calendar.
  • Manage the Events Calendar for the PTSA.
  • Attend PTSA Executive meetings with the Administration ( monthly).
  • Advertise the Events with the help of the Communication Team.
  • Assist and support staff at YIS when required eg for Bridging the Gap and other conferences for the Community


  • Ensure that all events are entered on the PTSA calendar
  • Add contents to the PTSA News section of the website as well a the PTSA facebook page; oversee PTSA website, keeping it current for school and PTSA needs.
  • Oversee monthly message from the PTSA president to the parents.
  • Liaise with all parties to ensure all necessary communications are sent out to the school community.
  • Attend PTSA Executive meetings with the Administration (monthly).
  • Check PTSA mailbox regularly: reply and forward requests/information to the appropriate person; manage the PTSA e-mail distribution list.
  • Implement compliance with YIS/PTSA’s non-partisan; non-sectarian;non-commercial policy.
  • Support and liaise with committee members for their information dissemination needs.
  • Confer with the YIS Communications Coordinator for approval and publishing of any YIS/PTSA website information.


  • Receive all PTSA-related ATM cards and bank books at the start of his/her term.
  • Keep records of all receipts on expenditures made during his/her term of office.
  • Monthly financial reporting at the PTSA general meeting.
  • Attend monthly PTSA Executive meetings with the school administration.
  • Attend to food fair meeting and inform all participants the procedure for cash management during food fair.
  • Management of food fair accounting and payments.
  • Make grants payments to appropriate parties once authorized by the PTSA committee.
  • Prepare Statement of Accounts for the year and budget for the next school year at the AGM.
  • Handover all the files and change the name on the bank account for next treasurer.

Communications Commitee

Main Tasks are assisting with:

  • Ensure all information on PTSA website is current.
  • Translate the monthly message form the PTSA president into Japanese.
  • Add events to the PTSA Facebook page.
  • Add events to the PTSA News section of the website.

Food Fair Coordinator

  • The Food Fair Committee oversees the planning and general organization of Food Fair, with the support of the President, PTSA Committee, Administration and school office.
  • Coordinate Food Fair meetings.
  • Attend PTSA executive meetings with the administration in the run up to Food Fair (monthly).

Class Parent Coordinator

  • Recruit class/grade parents for each grade.
  • Oversee and assist them throughout the school year.
  • Communicate with them on behalf of the PTSA.
  • Maintain and update the class/grade parent guidelines for ELC, Elementary, Middle School and High School.
  • Recruit hostesses for the Grade Initial Coffee Mornings for the following school year.
  • Host a luncheon for class/grade parents to welcome and appreciate parent volunteers.
  • Ensure that the class parent folders are collected at the end of the year and redistributed at the beginning of the new school year.


  • Write the agenda for each PTSA meeting.
  • Take the Minutes of the meetings.
  • Distribute the Minutes to all attendees of the meeting.
  • Have the Minutes posted on the YIS Website.
  • Attach the Treasurer’s report to the Minutes.
  • Attend PTSA Executive meetings with the Administration ( monthly).
  • Co-ordinate PTSA Grants Process ( mid-September- mid November)

Board of Directors (BOD) Liason

  • Attend PTSA Executive meetings with the Administration (monthly).
  • Attend open sessions of the Board of Directors meetings (monthly) and keep the members informed on PTSA issues.
  • Inform PTSA on Board issues when required.
  • In the event of the BOD Liaison is unable to attend a Board of Directors meeting, he/she shall designate someone else from the PTSA parent committee to attend in his/her place.
  • This position is an additional responsibility of one of the PTSA parent committee members. The liaison must hold another normal position on the PTSA committee.

Events Committee

Assist Events VP (and when required with Japanese speaking Liaisons) to arrange PTSA Events:

  • Coffee mornings (organize food, drinks, arrange presenters).
  • Welcome information mornings for new parents held twice a year.
  • Back to School Event and other social events.

Parent Activities Committee

  • Finding parents (or others outside school) who offer classes such as art and crafts, cooking, language or exercise classes.
  • Co-ordinate with the School/ICJC and teacher to secure an appropriate venue either at school or convenient location for classes.
  • Organize cultural and non- cultural outings/tours for YIS parents.
  • Advertising the activities/tours/cooking classes regularly in the broadcasters with help from the YIS communications team.
  • Develop the Parent Activities webpage at the start of the school year and keep it updated as necessary.

Japanese Speaking Liaisons

  • Communicate to Japanese businesses and YIS neighbors etc. (when required) on behalf of the PTSA.
  • Encourage and support Japanese involvement in school affairs.
  • Organize lunches for the Japanese speaking community.
  • Assist Events Committee and liaise with ICJC Liaison for events, which are Japanese- themed.
  • Arrange supermarket tours for YIS parents liaising with parent activities.

Mentor Coordinator

  • Liaise directly with YIS Administration to receive information regarding new families commencing at YIS.Contact YIS Admin on a regular basis (recommend monthly) to ensure that families who don’t start at the beginning of the school year are not “lost”.
  • Recruit volunteers from the YIS community to act as Mentors for the incoming families – use the Broadcaster to advertise the programme, personal emails to past Mentors and contact your own friends to ask for volunteers.
  • Distribute information to new families via letter included in the Newcomer Package (sent to incoming families) and via email when/if they contact you for mentors/more information.
  • Facilitate new families settling into Yokohama/Japan/YIS by introducing them to mentor families with something in common.
  • Keep a database/records of all Mentor volunteers and incoming families to enable compatible matching.
  • Liaise with the Volunteer Coordinator to find suitable Mentor families by contacting Class Parents if nobody else seems suitable.
  • Report to the PTSA each month on Mentor activity – number of new families, mentor matches, need for new mentors, new family activities – Jessica Matsuoka is coordinating the Y Town Much Bunch on a monthly basis -
  • Provide to YIS Admin by late May a letter for inclusion in the Newcomer pack to go out during the summer.
  • Ensure that YIS Admissions (Susan Chen) has contact details for the Mentor Coordinator so that she can provide the new family list.
  • Prior to the summer break (suggested early June), contact YIS Admissions for the list of families who have already confirmed acceptance of enrolment for the next school year. Begin the matching process, so that those families arriving during the summer can have contact with somebody before they arrive.
  • Attend YIS Orientation days to chat to parents about the mentor programme and welcome them.
  • Attend PTSA Welcome Back Coffee Morning to chat with parents and inform them about the Mentor programme.
  • Attend “Thank You” lunch for Class/Grade Parents (usually October) to promote the programme and to thank those who have already volunteered.
  • During the year (after the initial intake of new families and after the Class Parents have been chosen), when a new family starts at YIS, contact the Class/Grade parents of that class/grade to let them know about the new arrival.
  • Documents to refer to:
    • Mentor Coordinator Duties Timeline
    • Initial Coffee Morning Schedule for coming Year (available from the Volunteer Coordinator)
    • Summer Pack letter
    • Mentoring Blurb for Broadcaster

Student Activities Liaison

  • Support the Director of Programs with AISA activities (inter-school competitions and events).
  • Tasks may include coordinating volunteers and assistance with activities such as distributions and collections of sport uniforms, running concession stands at events (eg, sport or fine art events), home-stay and social programs, etc.

ICJC Liaison

  • Inform PTSA about upcoming ICJC Events.
  • Assist PTSA Team at PTSA Events which are Japanese -themed

Procedure of handover: Before the handover of responsibilities, each outgoing Committee Member shall provide a written statement of current issues and ongoing matters, with a revised job description (if necessary) to the Committee Member succeeding to the same position.