Welcome to the New School Year

Welcome to the New School Year
Welcome to the New School Year
Dear YIS community,

Welcome to the new school year! Today we welcomed 670 students from 54 nationalities who, as always, brought a renewed energy that makes international schools the vibrant places they are. Amongst this number were 125 new students who I hope will quickly feel at home as our returning community support them as they always do.

We have 11 new staff members also with us this year covering a number of roles from teaching through to communications and in-class support. As always I have been impressed with the calibre of people that we have been able to attract to YIS and I hope you will make them feel welcome when you see them around the school.

We enter this year with much optimism launching off what was a strong and positive year last year. Our 2017 graduating class were very successful in their IB Diploma exams, earning exceptional results. We are especially proud of their 100% pass rate, which, given our non-selective admissions policy speaks to the quality of our program and the care and support we provide.

Over the break we also received the report from our 5-year accreditation visit from the Council of International Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Although biased, I have to say it is probably the most positive 5-year report I have ever read. The visiting team talked highly of our school and our whole community, and I feel they accurately captured the unique and special place that YIS is. The following are a few excerpts from the conclusion of the report:

"During the Five-Year Visit the Visitors noted the passion, commitment and dedication of the Board; leadership team; teaching, administration and support staff to the development of a high-quality inclusive school where each person is welcomed, respected and valued. A strong sense of community and positive school climate permeates the school with representatives of all stakeholder groups expressing great appreciation of and pride in their school. YIS was described as a happy school by students, parents and staff."

"YIS can be characterized as learner-focused and caring about student well-being."
There were of course some suggested areas where we can make further improvements and this will help shape our strategic plan that we are working on at present with the support of the faculty and the Board of Directors, and which will be published later in the term.

I am very excited about where we are as a school and also the energy and willingness for continual improvement and innovation. Last year we launched our new mission statement: Live Learn Lead. I look forward to this coming alive for us as we focus on what YIS means to us as individuals as well as a community, and as we have the chance to tell our stories as well as hear stories from others around us.

Once again, welcome and welcome back. It is a great feeling to be starting another new year at YIS. Please take note of all the events in the coming weeks that are designed to inform and bring you all together and I look forward to seeing you around the campus very soon.


Craig Coutts

Head of School

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