Virginia Russolo

Virginia Russolo
Virginia Russolo

Virginia Russolo

(pictured on the left, with alumna Monica Brown)

Class of 2013

Nationality: Italian

Years and grades you attended at YIS.

I attended from 2011 to 2013 for grades 11 and 12, but I also worked at the school as the art assistant and Artist in Residence for nine months after graduating.

Please describe a memorable moment from your time at YIS.

Although there are many memories I'm fond of from my time as a student, I fondly remember my time at YIS after graduating and how much I enjoyed working with clay in the late afternoon when the winter light would fill the art studio and my only witness was Mount Fuji.

Which teachers played an important role in your time at YIS?

Mr. Welk, who taught me IB Visual Art, was an exceptional teacher that supported and motivated me during my time as a student and is still a crucial figure in my artistic development. My IB English Language & Literature teacher, Ms. Cox, was a truly excellent and I only understood how much she taught me when met with the intense pace of essay writing at university. Mrs. Gadsby for IB Spanish and Ms. Wilson for Theory of Knowledge were both passionate and dedicated a lot of time to me. Mr.Hooker's sense of humor during IB Biology was a wonderful antidote to the stress of the IB.

What grade at YIS would you want to relive, and why? Would you do anything differently?

Grade 11 was very exciting because it was my first year at YIS and I enjoyed meeting new friends and exploring the music scene. I'd love to relive some of the talents shows and the time our high school principal, Mr.Snowball, let me fill the gym with smoke to shoot a short film for art. If I could go back I'd play more music and learn to play the koto.

Tell us about where you are based now, and what your occupation/lifestyle is, and what path you hope to pursue in the future?

I am currently based in my hometown in Northern Italy where I'm reconnecting with my culture and art history. I'm working towards a few exhibitions and researching the work of futurist painter Luigi Russolo.

In Carne Azione/ The Draughtboard, 142 x 180 cm, 2018.
Courtesy of the artist.

In Crane Azione/ The Offering, 142 x 215 cm, 2018.
Courtesy of the artist.

You recently had one of your paintings exhibited at Gallery T293 in Rome. Could you tell us about how that came about and how the experience was for you?

I was recently part of a group show at the gallery. It was a dizzying experience. I wasn't expecting how powerful it would feel to be connected with artists working on similar issues. The time leading up to the exhibition was by far the most productive I've ever been. I would love to exhibit my work in Japan one day, but mostly to live there again to engage more deeply with Japanese culture.

Given your achievements and experiences, what advice would you give to YIS students in Gr. 11 or 12?

I suggest students try out all that the school has to offer outside of class and of course I urge all students to to try out the Visual Arts course. It's such an important class to understand the world and oneself and I can't think of a better time to take it than during adolescence.

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