Grade 10 Student Reports on the MYP Personal Project Exhibition

Grade 10 Student Reports on the MYP Personal Project Exhibition
Grade 10 Student Reports on the MYP Personal Project Exhibition

YIS Magazine contributor Lia from grade 10, reflects back on the MYP Personal Project Exhibition and the process that takes place over the course of the MYP. For more news and creative writing from YIS students, check out the YIS Magazine.


The Personal Project Exhibition for the class of 2018 recently took place on January 19th. The personal project is a type of work process for MYP students that spans over a long time. Most students started around June 2015, with an exception of new students, and it is an opportunity for students to research and build a whole area of study on any topic they are passionate about. The students build their own criteria, their final product to show off at the exhibition, a process journal and a report at the end that reflects on the whole experience.

Some students' projects included making jewelry, writing a book about depression for teenagers, a video that shows how people can overcome bullying through their passions, and also a documentary type video on the service groups at school like Van Der Poel.

Every year, the grade 10 students present their final product at an exhibition where students from all grades come and visit to learn about topics (that may not be related to school) and there is also a night for the parents and teachers to see the work and effort the students have put in. The purpose of this project is not only to give students a chance to explore upon prior knowledge but is also a good preparation for the upcoming IB work. The personal projects also allow the students to become more organized and focus on their ATL skills. I, personally, think that while it was difficult for many students to keep focused on their school work along with their own personal project work, it certainly was interesting to see the overall effort and work everyone dedicated to their projects and gave the audience a chance to see how each student expresses themselves through their passions.

The personal project takes place every year and it will certainly be an exciting process that will be require hard work and dedication as well as an opportunity to dive into things we are curious about. It will be great to see how current grade 9s approach their projects next year.

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