The 2018 PYP Exhibition and How We Express Ourselves

The 2018 PYP Exhibition and How We Express Ourselves
The 2018 PYP Exhibition and How We Express Ourselves

The 2018 PYP Exhibition and How We Express Ourselves

by the gr. 5 teaching team

On Tuesday April 24, PYP Exhibition night, grade 5 students will be sharing their research through their Unit of Inquiry, 'How We Express Ourselves', to their families and the YIS community. On Wednesday April 25, the Exhibition will be open to the elementary staff and students and to other international schools.

This year the grade 5 students have followed a slightly different format from previous years with an introductory examination of big global issues in their unit, How We Organise Ourselves. After gaining an understanding of global issues using the UN's Sustainability Goals as a starting point, they fine-tuned their focus towards a local example of their chosen global issue. They have worked hard in groups and as a grade whilst ultimately being responsible for their own presentation.

The 'single subject teachers' (Art, Drama, Information Technology and Music teachers) have played a key role this year through their collaboration in the entire research and presentation process. Grade 5 students selected one of the single subjects to express their understanding of the issue being researched. Students spent longer, focused periods of time with their single subject teacher to work through the design cycle from planning to the final product stage. They will be delighted to share with you what, how and why they chose to do what they did. Many thanks to Ms. MacDonald, Mr. Patterson, Mr. Reed and Mr. Broughton for all their hard work, guidance and support.

In homerooms, students have been busy managing their own schedules and working hard on various aspects to share their learning in other ways. They will also be imparting their research through written, oral, and visual form, as well as by expressing themselves through the arts.

Without an audience, however, the exhibition would have less impact and so, we look forward to seeing you and sharing the students' learning with you. We will do the same with classes visiting us during the school day on Wednesday. We hope parents will be able to join us on Tuesday.

In keeping with the objectives of the UN Sustainability Goals, we would like to do our part to ease hunger in our local community. We ask visitors to bring canned items of food to donate to a local food bank to share with families who do not have enough food. Just a few small actions can start to make a difference in our world. The students and staff are thrilled about this event and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

The PYP Exhibition
Date: Tuesday, April 24
Time: 6:30pm - 8:00pm
Venue: Auditorium

Car parking: available on main campus from 5:30pm (public transport encouraged)