Thank You from the Van der Poel Community Service Project

Thank You from the Van der Poel Community Service Project
Thank You from the Van der Poel Community Service Project

Dear parents,

This year again, we are very happy to announce that the fundraising campaign and the Christmas party on Saturday December 3 have both been extremely successful. A total of 456,035 yen was raised over the last two weeks and we are very grateful to everyone in the YIS community and for the initiatives, from parents, students and teachers, that truly exemplify the caring spirit of the YIS community. Your support has helped to make this year's fundraising one of the most successful ones in the history of the Orphanage Christmas party. The funds will benefit the children in Kodomonosono and Kofu Kodomoen orphanages as well as in the Yamate Kunmoin School for the Blind. The welfare committee of the Yokohama International Women's Club works closely with the orphanages and the School for the Blind and members will oversee the allocation of funds. We are delighted to know that these donations will be used to directly support much needed projects such as the current rebuilding of Kodomonosono.

Such school-wide project would not have been made possible without the help of a number of people we would like to recognize.

In the Elementary, we would like to thank Mike Mural who contributed generously with his Grade 3 students during his Movember campaign.

We would also like to thank Audrey Brown and Sangeeta Nanwani who coordinated the creation of greeting cards by their Grade 3 students for the 87 children in Kodomonosono and Kofu Kodomoen, as well as Angela Coutts, Grade 3 parents and students who made nine Gingerbread houses, which were much admired on the day and brought to the homes of the two orphanages, Hakujuso, the Old People's home, and also the Kunmoin School for the Blind.

The cafeteria was transformed into a festive venue thanks to the decorations made by our Van der Poel team, and the table (LED) candle decorations beautifully crafted by Misako Orihara and her Origami club members were a great addition to the joyful atmosphere.

The party itself went very well thanks to our HS Principal John Snowball's opening speech followed by a full entertainment program that included performances by the children of the two homes, two magicians and our YIS performers: two members of our YIS Jazz Combo, and, last but not least, the HS Choir directed by Sarah MacDonald who came especially for the occasion.

Our deep thanks also go to our office staff and janitors who have helped in many ways and to all members of the communications department for publicizing the event.

Finally, we would like to recognize the work of our Van der Poel students who worked collaboratively during the fundraising campaign and on the day to complete all preparations in record time and showed an excellent attitude from beginning till the end of the party with the inevitable cleaning up. Most of all, they had a great time mingling with the children and we are very happy this was made possible.

One more time, we would like to sincerely thank the YIS community for the tremendous support given towards this event and for contributing to long-lasting bonds between our communities.

Steven Hooker

Sylvie Maeda

Van der Poel Community Service supervisors

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