Student Voices from Model United Nations

Student Voices from Model United Nations
Student Voices from Model United Nations

From November 9 - 12 at Taipei American School, 10 students traveled to IASAS MUN with Mr. Redlich and Mrs. Harrison

Student Reflections:

Kosei- IASAS was my first conference that I attended so I was intimidated, but it ended up being a really enjoyable and absorbing experience.

Garel - As I was new to MUN I didn't really know what to expect from IASAS, yet as soon as I arrived I realised what an amazing experience it was going to be and in the end I found IASAS to be a great first conference.

Auni - IASAS was not only a conference that consisted of meaningful and inspiring debate but it was also a chance to meet, connect and collaborate with like-minded students from a variety of countries. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and hope to participate again next year!

Christian - This year's IASAS conference in Taipei was my first Asian conference and a new experience for me. In IASAS, I found a fun opportunity to partake in debate about some of the important issues which confront the UN today. Collaborating with or debating against other international students was a welcome challenge in public speaking which I hope to face again next year.

Ashab- This year's IASAS was my second and last IASAS conference. It was an incredibly enjoyable and stimulating experience, allowing me to develop my own MUN skill sets and to observe other delegates engage in some scintillating debate of a high order. Not only did I become better at writing resolutions and making speeches, but I was also able to interact with others in my committee in an amiable atmosphere.

Hemanth - This conference was was my third biggest conference, and my second IASAS conference. It was a great opportunity for me in collaboratively working with other delegates in creating resolutions. The aspect that I really loved about this conference was when we did the emergency crisis as I really liked the level of intensity of the debate. I'm looking forward in attending many more conferences like these in the future.

Saturday, November 26 at KIST, 26 students joined Ms. Wilson at K- International School to "scrimmage" on two main issues: 1. Combatting xenophobia and protecting the rights of religious and ethnic minorities, refugees and asylum-seekers in Europe and the United States 2. Granting women equal access to ownership and control over property, financial services, inheritance, and natural resources

Student Reflections

"The conference was a good opportunity for me to become more confident in speaking and debating, as it wasn't too rigid and the atmosphere was very friendly. I really enjoyed the experience and I was able to realize I have been improving throughout the year."

Rino - This is my second year participating in MUN, and I really enjoyed this KMUN conference as we had many interesting debates over the global issues from various perspectives. KMUN was a great experience for the newer delegates to allow them to gain some exposure to the format of the way in which the debate is run and the formalities of the debate itself.

"Although it was my fifth MUN conference, KMUN continues to bring new developments to my communication skills. It was my first time to become a main submitter of the resolution, which was something I have never experienced in three years of MUN. Despite the fact that our resolution did not pass, it was once again a fascinating experience for all delegates to collaborate with various delegates from other schools and gain new insight to their performances."

Aysha - As new member of MUN this year, I was quite nervous for my very first conference which took place at the K International School of Tokyo. However, I found it very relaxing on the day. It was a fun experience overall because of the supportive, collaborative and interesting people that I got to work with.

"I really enjoyed the trip to KIST as experience can go a long way towards practice - especially as it was my first time going to an MUN meeting. Upon getting things started, I realized most of the people were also novices, so it was settling to see that it was an even playing field throughout, aside from a few exceptions. It was also really nice for the experienced people to help the inexperienced fixing a couple of things here and there throughout the whole day. Lastly, it has already enhanced my ability to speak extremely formally in a public setting."

"It was my first actual MUN conference, and I really enjoyed it. It was fun to see how everything was organized and how relaxed the mood is. I'm really looking forward to the next conference, and hope to speak out a bit more. "

Reiko - This was my second MUN conference, and while still being rather new to MUN, I was nervous coming into KMUN. However, on the day, it was as stressful as I thought it would be and ended up speaking more than I thought I would have. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience to have and I had the opportunity to work together with different people who are just as engaged in the issues as I was. It was nice to see all the YIS team speaking up and participating. The conference allowed me to become more comfortable with MUN debates and resolution drafting.

Olle - Was awesome as always. In our assembly, all YIS delegates performed really well and led all debates and resolution writing. I have been to 3 conferences now in YIS and YIS delegates always perform and speak and write more than all other schools, which is always fun to see. All in all was an awesome conference.

Ashab - It was thoroughly enjoyable to observe the development of all the YIS delegates who had come to the conference, as they were quite prominently engaged in debate and resolution writing. Additionally, it was an engaging experience for myself as a delegate, as I was able to interact with other delegates of various experience levels in a cordial environment.

Ipshita- K MUN has been my first conference for MUN and I'm grateful that I had the help of the fellow delegates from YIS to help support me and guide me through the new experience. At the end of the day I personally feel like I grew as a person because I was now more aware of the different countries but also of my own strengths and weaknesses.

Airi- This year is my first year at MUN, and I was very nervous for the first conference. I thought that people would be much better than me and that they would be debating about things that I was unsure about. However, when I got there, I realised that there were lots of people like me who were easy to talk to. I truly think that this was a very good experience for me, and it made me much more confident about talking in front of people.

Sato - K MUN was my first ever conference and I started to get nervous way before the conference day. Researching about Poland and its stance, making a position paper, reading it in front of people; it was new and I had many struggles. However on the actual conference, I was able to read the position paper and make a resolution with people from different schools, I felt accomplishment. I would like to continue being in MUN throughout high school and get used to talking in front of a big group.

Hye-won- KMUN was the first MUN conference I went to as a 9th grader, so this year's KMUN conference as a senior was a refreshing experience. I was able to reflect on my own development as a delegate from when I first started MUN, and the experience got me to think about what more I could do as a delegate to improve my speech skills. As a whole, this year's KMUN conference was a very insightful experience for me.

Toshi- The KMUN conference was my third conference, but the first time I participated in the KMUN conference. The conference was different from the other ones in which we were divided into different groups and had to create resolutions on our own. Since there were many people with various characteristics, I believe this conference was a good experience to learn how people conveyed their ideas.

Emily - KMUN is always an enjoyable conference for me and it was great to further get out of my comfort zone of working with people I know, and instead work with people from various schools. I finally got my first superlative, which made this conference much more memorable for me. I'm glad with how I performed in this conference, and I hope that in the future YIS keeps being one of the most experienced schools for this conference.

Karen - This KMUN conference was my third conference, but the first conference where I can say that I participated fully. I have become comfortable in the structure and the format used in MUN, and I was happy with how I represented South Korea.

Nana- This was my third and last KMUN conference, and it was a great experience to represent Poland that was against many of the other countries' viewpoints. I got to work with delegates from many different schools, and it was a memorable conference because both of my resolutions were passed.

Helena- KMUN was my first conference for MUN. Although I was intimidated at first, the experience was overall incredibly helpful in helping me grow as a delegate. Everyone, including the chair, was very supportive and made me feel comfortable when presenting my speeches. Now that I have grown comfortable with the form and structure of an MUN conference, I am hoping to be confident enough to speak up more in the next conference.

Maho- KMUN was a great opportunity to put myself in a real conference and understand the overall "feel" of an MUN conference. It was a challenge to drag the spotlight on myself and speak my part; however, after awhile I found myself being much more comfortable speaking to an audience taking confidence in what I say. The lobbying was a new experience for me but I was able to interact with people from different schools.

Surmaya- As a non experienced delegate, KMUN was a great chance to really experience a conference on a bigger scale, as opposed to lunchtime debates. I found myself really enjoying the experience, and taking chances to stand up and talk about an issue I barely knew about a month ago.