Rita Kar, 32 years at YIS

Rita Kar, 32 years at YIS
Rita Kar, 32 years at YIS

Thank you, YIS, and goodbye

by Rita Kar, Librarian

In September of 1986, my husband and I came with our two children, one in kindergarten and the other in grade one, as a prospective family to YIS. The school's brand new gym was the highlight of the tour that day. The library, on the first floor of what was the main building, opposite the parking lot, was what we first saw when we walked into the school. It hosted an audio-visual center with one television and VCR, some video tapes, a couple of sets of headphones, tape recorders and audio tapes. I had not realized then that this was where I would be spending many hours of my life over the next 32 years.

We enrolled our children in YIS having liked what we saw of the school and people. I first started to get involved with the school community as a library volunteer in 1987. That changed to a day librarian role in 1992 followed by a full-time librarian position in 1997.

Rita Kar (front row, far right) as part of the PTA, 1987

As my children were growing up, so was YIS. Buildings were being added, renovated and student numbers were increasing. And the library definitely was evolving. We stopped typing the catalog cards and the circulation cards. The card catalog cabinets were wheeled out and modern technology was being introduced into the library's systems. No more boxes of books awaited cataloging. The library also was responsible for checking out laptops to students. Then the library moved from the main building to what was the middle building, so we could have more space to divide the library into elementary, middle school and high school sections. Although the library and librarians changed, I remained a permanent part of its development. But now it is time for me to move on.

In the library, 2014

I had entered a career dedicated to assisting in reading and learning and found immense joy in it. As I look back with gratitude, I would like to express my appreciation to the students of YIS; I will miss you the most. I will of course miss my colleagues who had given me their support and friendship whenever I needed it. I will also miss the spirit of the YIS community, the parent volunteers and all the conversations with parents who came to the library.

I recall many students often asking me, "Mrs. Kar, have you read all the books in the library?" My honest answer has always been "no". But from June 16, 2018, I will have time to read all the books that have been waiting on my 'must read' list for years. Goodbye YIS, and, as we say in India, dhanyabad.

Former Deputy Head of School, Ed Bernard, and recently retired Dennis Stanworth joined long-time teachers Sylvie Maeda, Mary Lang, Steven Hooker and former teacher Peggy Jalink, in this picture at Rita's farewell party to commemorate her time t YIS. Students, staff and parents joined the party to wish Rita the best. We'll miss you Mrs. Kar! Come back soon.