Percy Jackson Party!

Percy Jackson Party!
Percy Jackson Party!

By Aisling, Middle School

A Percy Jackson themed party took place in the library recently and it was filled with competition, laughter and stomachs full of pizza. It was led by Aisling, Henri, Aitor and Shawn.

The group was split up into teams for a quiz on the book series which led to arguments on who really was the ultimate Percy Jackson fan. Teams Hermes, Poseidon and Athena got into the next round of competition.

The powerful gods and goddesses had a snack break while the stations were being set up. In the next round there was – pin the eye on the cyclops, three headed dog and ambrosia bobbing.

Although the children were disgusted by the other players spit in the water, they powered through and Hermes even bobbed 8 "ambrosia" (AKA apples)!

In the end, team Athena won the competition! Congratulations!

To celebrate we watched the first Percy Jackson movie while eating Pizza and drinking blue Calpis.

It was very fun and we hope to see you at the next Library party!