HS Season 2/3 Sports Awards

HS Season 2/3 Sports Awards
HS Season 2/3 Sports Awards

Season 3 athletics officially ended for the High School last Monday at the Season 2 & 3 sports awards ceremony. However, the end of season 3 is not merely the conclusion of a season, but the culmination of the entire HS sports year!

Similar to season 1, the season 2 & 3 sports award ceremony gave us the opportunity to celebrate each team, and a few individuals accomplishments. This ceremony took place at the YIS Auditorium and over the course of the proceedings each team took the opportunity to reflect on the season, as well as recognize their respective individual award recipients (1 Most Valuable Player (MVP), 1 Most Improved Player (MIP) and 1 Coaches Choice (CC) per team). It was a celebratory morning for all, and all the recipients were truly deserving of the acknowledgment that they received from their peers. Special thanks to the Dragon Council members who helped to organize and run the event, as well as all the parents who came to share in the celebration.

This years season 2/3 award recipients were as follows for HS:

TeamMost Valuable PlayerCoaches ChoiceMost Improved Player
HS JV Boys Basketball

HS Varsity Boys BasketballTaroNoaLukus
HS JV Girls BasketballDanielaKaleaKasumi
HS Varsity Girls BasketballMeganSophiaChloe
HS Girls Field HockeySarahMargotMichelle
HS Girls BadmintonNatanyaGraceJaemin
HS Boys BadmintonShoichiJinhoTsuyoshi
HS JV Boys SoccerKenryoKaiAndre
HS Varsity Boys SoccerShunichiWataruAlex
HS JV Girls SoccerSilviaElenaHana
HS Varsity Girls SoccerKanaAuniKasumi

You can see all the winners from the day on YIS Photos

With Season 3 wrapped up for the HS, and nearly in the books for the MS there is just a few more games to go before the MS KANTO Finals on the 5th of May.

  • Sat April 28, 1:00 pm - MS Girls Basketball are at CAJ with the order of play being C team followed by A and finishing with B.

See all the details on the school calendar.

Good luck to all our teams this coming week, and as always, GO DRAGONS!