Kicking off Season 1

Kicking off Season 1
Kicking off Season 1

Joining a sports team can be a nerve-wracking experience whether that person is new to the sport or is a veteran of the team. For some, the disappointment of not making the team, or the fear of embarrassment due to not making the team, can be overwhelming enough to prevent them from even trying out. Apparently this is not necessarily true at every school though, as half of the YIS Secondary students attended try-outs for all the teams that held their first practices this past week. It was truly an inspiring sight to see so many of our students, both returning and new, actively joining their peers on the court, the pitch, and running through the streets of Yokohama. Regardless of the eventual team results at the end of this season, it is easy for me to say that this season has already been a successful one.

We, of course, aim to be successful in competition, which starts fast and furious this week. The teams get a boost of competitive spirit when we have a lot of fans in the stands, so make your way to the respective venues this weekend. Hope to see you there.

  • Wed Sept 6, 5:00 pm - HS boys and girls tennis teams kick-off the week against CAJ, Honmoku Tennis Courts,.
  • Fri Sept 8, 4:30 pm - Varsity and junior varsity girls volleyball teams hit the courts to take on next door neighbors St.Maur in the first official home game of the season.
  • Sat Sept 9, 9:00 am - Boys tennis team visits St. Mary's, while the girls team heads over to Seisen International School.
  • Sat Sept 9, 9:00 am - HS and MS boys and girls cross country teams kick-off their season at Tama Hills.
  • Sat Sept 9, 9:00 am - All three MS girls volleyball teams go head-to-head against Sacred Heart, at the Sacred Heart gym.
  • Sat Sept 9, 9:00 am - Varsity and junior varsity girls volleyball teams take on Kinnick at the YIS gym.

See all the details on the school calendar.

Good luck to all our teams this coming week, and as always, GO DRAGONS!