YIS Community Garage Sale

YIS Community Garage Sale
YIS Community Garage Sale

Garage Sale

When: 10am ~ 2pm on Saturday April 7

Where: Cafeteria

Come sell and shop at the YIS Community Garage Sale! One person's trash is another person's treasure!

  • Table cost: ¥1500 and please donate a cake or sweets that we will serve with morning tea to the customers.
  • Sign up required by sending an email to ptsa@yis.ac.jp by March 31st.
  • Table set up begins at 9am (shopping begins at 10am).
  • All profits will be yours. Please note that you will be responsible for your own sales and for all your unsold items.
  • Also, don't miss your chance to buy Puma athletic wear and other specialty items being sold by the YIS School Store at bargain prices !