Athletics season 3 begins

Athletics season 3 begins
Athletics season 3 begins

Season 2 wrapped up just 2 weekends ago and while the final results may not have been all that our teams hoped for, it would be false to not label the season a success. Our students showed incredible growth on and off the field leaving the future looking bright for all our teams. A quick congratulations to all our season 2 athletes, in particular to the following students who were recognized with all-tournament/all-star selections: Taro (HS Boys Basketball), Megan and Chloe (HS Girls Basketball), Grace, Michelle, and Kana (HS Girls Field Hockey). Well done!

On to Season 3, and almost every team is wrapping up their first week of practices and/or tryouts. The HS boys and girls are starting their basketball and badminton campaigns, while our MS girls have tipped off their basketball season. The MS boys baseball team starts next week, while the MS boys and girls track and field squad start on the 28th of February. It bears mentioning that it has been an awesome turnout so far from our HS and MS students as over 100 students came out for HS soccer and badminton, while there were 35 girls who came out for MS girls basketball. Exciting times ahead for Dragon Athletics!

As it is the start of the season, not a whole lot of games on the docket this coming week, but this is just the calm before the storm of games hits!

  • Sat Feb 24, 9:00 am - HS Varsity and JV Girls Soccer take on Kinnick and ISSH, with the varsity starting off against Kinnick at 9:00 followed by JV against ISSH at 11:00 am.
  • Mon Feb 26, 4:00 pm - HS Boys Soccer takes on Zama at the YCAC (Varsity Only)
  • Wed Feb 28, 5:00 pm - HS Boys Soccer takes on Kinnick at Kinnick (Varsity Only)

See all the details on the school calendar.

Good luck to all our teams this coming week, and as always, GO DRAGONS!