A Night of Hope - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Cambodia

A Night of Hope - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Cambodia
A Night of Hope - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Cambodia

A Night of Hope - Breaking the Cycle of Poverty in Cambodia

by Krysta, HS student and member of HOPE Cambodia Service Group

Did you know that the YIS community has funded and constructed 10 elementary and middle schools in the rural province of Pursat, Cambodia? In February 2018, 18 of our students will travel to the rural village of Angkrong to build the 11th school in the area. Through YIS' partnership with HOPE International Development Agency Japan over the last 10 years, YIS has made a difference in the lives and futures of hundreds of Cambodian children as the school that has donated the largest amount to HOPE. Our Hope Cambodia Service group would love for more of the YIS community to know about the positive difference HOPE is making in the world and to learn how we can all contribute to breaking the cycle of poverty.

To celebrate the work of HOPE and the strong contributions we have made over the years, I developed the idea to create a new event to raise awareness of this cause. The first ever "A Night of Hope" event will be held on Thursday, January 11, 2018, from 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm at the YIS Auditorium. Please join us to hear stories from students who went to Cambodia last year and the Asia Pacific Director of HOPE, Mr. Lowell Sheppard to understand why this is important and meaningful.

current Angkrong school construction site

HOPE Cambodia Service Group at work

In addition to celebrating the YIS-HOPE partnership, the evening will have fundraising aspects. To build the middle school in Angkrong, we need to raise ¥2.75 million to pay for building supplies and local labour. All funds raised at this event will help us build a middle school for students to continue with their basic education and lead more economically stable lives.

Why did I come up with this idea? Service to community became a big passion of mine when I went to Ethiopia in 2016 with my aunt who works with HOPE. I saw firsthand the difference HOPE was making to Tsayte, a village high in the mountains, by providing it with access to water. Before HOPE, the people of Tsayte walked down the mountain for hours to get dirty, undrinkable water. By providing a reliable clean water system, those people can now devote their time to other work to increase their income. Additionally, more children are able to go to school to get an education. My strong beliefs in HOPE's mission and actions have motivated me to volunteer at their annual events and to undertake an internship at their main office in Nagoya.

I look forward to seeing you at "A Night of HOPE" to celebrate and share with you the accomplishments and future goals we have for changing the lives of the people in Cambodia, one step at a time. Save the date - January 11, 2018!

The Hope Cambodia Service Group is one of the beneficiaries of the PTSA Grants program in the 2017-2018 school year. The group has received ¥500,000 through the program, made possible by the annual Food Fair, to purchase building materials and hire local labor for the project. The group will fundraise for the balance of ¥1.75 million needed to meet their targeted donation.

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