New Campus Update: Work Shifts from Building Foundation to Steel Structure

New Campus Update: Work Shifts from Building Foundation to Steel Structure

Work Shifts from Building Foundation to Steel Structure  

  • Construction Progress Toward Completion: 9.3% (as of October 9, 2020)
  • Days  Until Start of Classes in New Campus:  443 
  • YIS2C Capital Campaign Progress: 7.2%

Work on the new campus has been proceeding steadily since the start of construction in early July, first driving more than 120 concrete and steel piles 30 - 40m down to the bedrock to stabilize the ground and then pouring the concrete foundation for the two buildings. On October 2nd, as pouring of the foundation for the North Building was nearing completion, a Shizumemono-no-gi ceremony was held to watch over and protect the construction process. The ceremony, which dates back to the 7th century, involves burying seven objects considered to be treasures of the past under the center of the main building.  

The next phase of construction, now underway, involves erecting the steel framework for the buildings, beginning with the performing arts wing at the northeast corner of the site and moving to the south. Another ceremony, the Richuushiki, was held on October 14th to mark the placement of the first steel column and watch over the workers who will be assembling the 4-story high (North Building) and 3-story-high (South Building) structures. Construction of the framework and pouring of the concrete floor slabs will continue over the next few months, and the full shape of the two buildings will be visible by the time we start our winter break.

More videos and photos are available in the New Campus Construction album in YIS Photos.


Site view on October 16, 2020.

Construction of steel framework for performing arts wing.


Construction in progress October 16, 2020.

Ms. Clifford assists with Richuushiki to mark placement of first column.

Construction of the steel framework has begun and is scheduled to be completed in December. (Process images courtesy of Taisei Corp.)