MS Production: The Wizard of Oz

MS Production: The Wizard of Oz

by Sam Abernethy, ES & MS Drama teacher

Get ready to click your silver slippers together! The MS Production team is gearing up to transport you straight into the enchanting land of Oz. This isn't just any ordinary school play; it's a journey into a world filled with wonder, brought to life by the imaginative efforts of our students from grades 6 to 8.

What makes this production of The Wizard of Oz unique is the remarkable level of student involvement. Here, students aren't just following instructions; they're at the helm, making pivotal decisions that shape the entire performance. This approach gives our young thespians a sense of ownership and pride in their work, as they delve into various aspects of the production, from tech and set design to acting and directing.

Our backstage team, composed of dedicated and creative minds, has been the force behind the stunning sets and props. They've not only conceptualized but also budgeted and organized costumes, ensuring each character's attire aligns perfectly with the magical aesthetic of Oz. Their craftsmanship in designing props has been instrumental in bringing their artistic vision to life, scene by scene.

MS backstage team work on the set design for Wizard of Oz

The tech team deserves a round of applause for their innovative work in lighting and sound. They've crafted the visual and auditory backbone of the play, setting up captivating projections and developing rich soundscapes that transport the audience straight into Dorothy's whirlwind adventure.

Our directors, who have been instrumental in orchestrating the flow of the play, lead the way planning the dramatic blocking of each section. Their role in scene coordination and actor support is pivotal, ensuring that every performance runs smoothly. Our two casts, A and B, showcase an incredible range of talent, giving more students the opportunity to sparkle under the spotlight. The actors have dedicated themselves to developing complex, engaging characters that resonate with the audience.

This production is more than just an entertaining show; it's ground for developing leadership and management skills. As students navigate the challenges and triumphs of working in a large team, they learn valuable lessons in collaboration and perseverance. These experiences will stay with them long after the final curtain falls.

Mark your calendars for this January, as we invite the community to join us on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th January for two spectacular shows. A vision brought to life by our MS Students, be sure to join us as we travel over the rainbow. Come and be a part of Dorothy's journey as she finds her way home in the timeless tale of The Wizard of Oz.

Tickets are available online now.