Welcome to the YIS Library

Welcome to the YIS Library

by librarians Katy Vance and Viki Radford

It’s a brave new world as we start our summer term here at the library, and while things look a little different during blended learning, our core values remain very much the same. We are here to promote reading, research, and community within YIS, and whether we are in the library helping you to find the books you need or uploading new LibGuides to support your learning on an off-campus day, we are always finding new ways to help you #livelearnread.

We are all navigating complicated times, and it’s easy to find information everywhere - some kinds better than others. Norwegian writer and lawyer Jon Bing reminds us that “[t]o ask why we need libraries at all, when there is so much information available elsewhere, is about as sensible as asking if roadmaps are necessary now that there are so very many roads” (Bing). So Ms. Katy and Ms. Viki invite you to use the YIS library as your very own roadmap for finding new pathways to reading for pleasure, patrolling the research superhighway, and joining our community of readers!

What does Blended Learning in the library look like?
During this blended learning experience, the library will look much the same as before, with a few adjustments so everyone can enjoy the space and the resources safely. Students can still visit the library freely throughout the day to borrow books, use the creativity commons, play games and pursue independent inquiries. We will be open for elementary students from 8:35-3:10 and for secondary students from 8:50-4:10.  Out of an abundance of caution and in line with the American Library Association’s recommendations, we will quarantine all returned books for 24 hours before they’re put out for other students to borrow. To help us in this process, please return your books to the library monster book drop at the entrance to the library. We are carefully monitoring the number of students in the space at a time to ensure a healthy learning environment, and we’ve worked with teachers to design a schedule that means students can socially distance while reading, researching and socializing. 

How can I use the library when I’m not in school?
Whether you’re physically on campus or learning from home, your library is here to support you. Need something to read? Visit yis.wheelers.co to check out an ebook or audiobook from our consortium collection of over 2000 ebooks and audiobooks. You can also read from a wide library of ebooks and audiobooks on Tumblebooks. Our younger students will enjoy the TumbleBook Library, while secondary students will prefer the TeenBookCloud.  Want to reserve a book when you’re off campus to pick up the next day? Log into our catalog at yis.jp/library, put the book on hold and you can pick it up the next morning. 

Looking for help with research or reading? Visit our library LibGuides at yis.libguides.com. There is a wealth of reading recommendations, electronic resources, tutorials, citation guides and more to help learners from ELC to Grade 12. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Just email Ms. Katy and Ms. Viki at library@yis.ac.jp and we’ll help you out. 

Parents & the Library
Parents, even though you can’t physically visit the library right now, we’re still here for your reading needs. If you’d like to check out books from the library, please sign up for a borrowing account by emailing us at library@yis.ac.jp. After your account is set up, you can log into the catalog and request books there. This video shows you how to request books within the catalog. We’ll pull those books for you and send them home with your child. Boggled by the catalog system? Not sure what to request? Send us an email with your preferences and we’ll send home a set of books tailored to your interests.   

Summer Reading Celebration
This year’s summer reading program invited you to make reading your passport to adventure, so that wherever you and your family were in the world, you always had access to a good book! Every year on our return to school, we make time to celebrate our summer reading successes in the library, and we’ve come up with some socially-distanced plans to celebrate together. (The celebration will be just for students, but we’d love to hear what parents have been reading and enjoying over the summer. Email us with your favourites,or with any library questions you have at library@yis.ac.jp )

During the week starting Monday 31st August, lunch in the library will be a time for sharing your summer reading stories over a socially-distanced, individually wrapped snack! Students can fill out the YIS Library Summer Reading Bingo sheet at home and bring it with them to the celebration, or fill it out when they get here. 

Thank you for being a part of our YIS community. We look forward to helping you #livelearnread this year, in person and online. 


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