The MYP Personal Project: Creative Investigation

The MYP Personal Project: Creative Investigation

by Rebekah Madrid, Middle School Vice Principal and MYP Coordinator

For almost 9 months, grade 10 students have been working on their Personal Project, the culmination project of the Middle Year Program. Through the variety of learning models this past year students have shown resilience and creative and critical  thinking skills  in creating a project that is both highly challenging and personally rewarding. This has lead to a wide variety of topics being explored by the Class of 2023, including: 

  • Raising awareness about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at YIS
  • Building a fully functioning foldable deck styled chair out of reclaimed wood and African materials 
  • Designing and building a model home, including the interior design
  • Writing a scientific report about the possibilities of using cigarette butts as a substrate for mycelium-based materials
  • Writing stories based on the experience of Third Culture Kids at YIS
  • Creating an online magazine on the negative effects of fast fashion and what we can do to be more sustainable
  • Remodeling and designing a guitar
teenage female student chatting with 3 elementary school boys about a sustainably designed house
guitar with blue and white hand-drawn waves on the body
teenage female student holding a information board about interesting foods
whitish-brown brick-shaped blocks created from used cigarette butts and mycelium

Every student was able to fully explore an area of interest for them, while applying the skills they have learned in their MYP classes in an independent project. It was truly impressive to see the wide range of interest and skills our grade 10 students were able to bring to their Personal Project. 

Though we were unable to invite the community to our Personal Project Fair on Friday April 16, we were thrilled to see different classes in the library and art rooms speaking to the grade 10 students. 

For people interested in hearing the grade 10 students speak about their projects and what they learned, here is the link to videos of the students sharing their projects. The guest code to view the videos is: Classof23 . We would love for you to leave some comments and compliments for our students, so that they know the entire community supports them in their learning. An album of pictures is also available in YIS Photos.