Thank you Yamate-cho. And Goodbye.

Thank you Yamate-cho. And Goodbye.

Students of all school levels gathered on the playground to say goodbye before the winter holidays today and to say goodbye to our Yamate-cho campus on the last day of classes on our home for the last 97 years. Our thoughtful PTSA added to the fun with plenty of treats for Teacher and Staff Appreciation Day. Pictures of the assemblies are available in YIS Photos.


In a tribute to our well-loved campus, Secondary School students and English teachers composed a poem dedicated to the wonderful memories Yamate-cho has created for us. Their sentimental and amusing composition was included in the program booklet of the closing ceremony of the Yamate-cho campus. We share this with you here to share our memories of our time on this campus. See you in our new home in Kominato-cho, Honmoku in January. 




A group poem composed by Secondary School students & English teachers

The last steps we took were the last memories we made
As we prepare to step into a new chapter, we remember times new and old.

As we pass through the gate and across the street, the rain pitter patters on the sidewalk. Our lockers swing open, welcoming us to school but...what’s my code again?
Posters crookedly taped on walls and artwork proudly displayed in halls.
The high frequency squeals echo through the main building
Celebrations of young minds, future leaders, and great creators.

Our beloved buildings Pauli, Inge, Kirin, and Main. What will the new ones be called? We’ll remember the library, looking out on the street
We’ll remember the turf, playing games with our feet.

Lunchtime cafeteria food, setting the mood.
Thursday roasts and Friday pizzas, choose your cookie and hope it’s chewy.
Laying in the sun, watching the clouds pass by - suddenly basketballs come whizzing by. The chaos fades, a cozy small turf and weary old walls, but memories of music and gym forever remain tall.

As the clouds part and the petals flow, we open the window to be met with Fuji.
We remember the views of the golden winter sun setting, slowly we lose sight of that gentle giant.
The odd hourly melody will be gone, but will remain in our memories.
We will miss Motomachi after school:
Starbucks coffees and that crafty crepe guy whose food brings color to the grey sky. Minato Mirai, sitting on the bay. Don Quijote, lighting up the day.
America-yama park with its well-kept grass, pretty blue skies as we hike on past.
The afternoon strolls past the resting souls, as the campus draws to a close.

The curtains fall on this generation. Now we start our migration.
The weathered doors close and the freshly painted ones open.
The men in blue watch over Yamate one last time.
Like migrating birds, friends come, and now we flock to the new campus, leaving our old nests behind.
Some people go and some people come, but once a dragon always a dragon.