Stepping Into The Spotlight

Stepping Into The Spotlight

by High School/Middle School Drama teacher Lisa Swiercinsky

What is the purpose of an extra-curricular theatrical production? Why should a school have one? What opportunities does it provide and perhaps, most importantly, what gets lost when it doesn’t happen?

With the last three COVID-filled years, many programs, traditions, and activities had to “wait in the wings” for their chance to shine again. One of these programs was the High School drama production. However, with restrictions easing and preventive measures being taken, the HS drama production can finally “step into the spotlight” once again!

This year, the HS drama students, under the guidance of new HS/MS teacher Lisa Swiercinsky, are mounting the classic musical, The Addams Family. This show, with its values of accepting who you are, appreciating those who helped raise you, and embracing the unknown is more timely than ever.

4 high school students rehearse a play on a stage

Part of the cast of The Addams Family rehearses on stage in the auditorium.

When an activity is reintroduced into the student community, it comes with a great deal of learning and opportunity for experimentation. None of the students involved have been a part of the HS production before, so students are learning for the first time what it is to sing, dance, and perform in a full-length production with all the additional components of lighting, costuming, sound and stage design. The students have flourished as they have problem solved how to bring the iconic characters such as Gomez, Mortica, and Wednesday Addams to life. 

Students have been in rehearsals since September when the cast list was finalized and have spent the last several months learning and developing their own choreography, learning how to sing as part of an ensemble, and how to put their own spin on the performance of characters that have been made household names with the latest Netflix series, Wednesday.

2 female high school students holding hands rehearsing lines for their stage play

Performers rehearse the script for the High School musical production.


A tall high school, with 2 high school girls on either side of him, holds an apple on his head.

Students bring to life the classic characters of Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester and the other members of the eclectic family.

With the performances to be held later this week, students are now seeing all of their hard work pay off as they move rehearsals into the auditorium and begin adapting to the addition of music, sets and lights. The learning curve has been steep as these talented students tackle a challenge that has not been undertaken in the last three years. These challenges have allowed the students to grow as performers, leaders, and learners to embrace the unknown and to have the confidence within themselves to shine on opening night.

It is now their turn to stop “waiting in the wings” and to “step into the spotlight” once again!

The HS production of The Addams Family runs from Thursday February 2 through Saturday February 4. Performances are at 6:00 PM on Thursday and Friday, with a matinée at 1:00 PM on Saturday. Tickets can be purchased at