Reflecting on 2022

Reflecting on 2022

by Craig Coutts, Head of School

As we prepare for the winter break and a much deserved holiday ahead, it is a good time to reflect on the year and the fact that we have now been in our Honmoku campus for nearly a full twelve months. It is hard to believe this time last year we were busy packing boxes and managing emotions around change and the excitement of new things ahead.

When we were planning for our campus, we had so many ideas, and everything was based around our philosophy of every space being a learning space and learning being visible. What I am most pleased about is that we have given shape to this philosophy; that is exactly how students are thinking about our space too. If you walk around our school today you will see students learning and making the most of the environment and it is this visibility of learning that others who visit comment on as soon as they enter the school. Something else that has made us happy is that when alumni and others who have known YIS for a while visit, they say that it feels like YIS. It does show that, while we are incredibly privileged to have such a wonderful facility to learn in, it really is the people that make this place special.

As it is the festive season it is a good time to remember to reach out to people around you and to be kind to each other. The holidays may mean different things to different people, but the thing I like most is that this is a time when we think about the joy in our lives and people make an effort to come together and celebrate friendship and family. Whether you are traveling for the holidays or staying home, please use this time to make contact with family and friends and make those connections that make our lives whole and special. I think we all learnt the value of friendship and family over the past few years, and somehow being apart for the time through the pandemic may have in some way actually brought us closer together as we found ways to connect and celebrate and remember how important being together is.

Look after yourselves and stay safe and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

Best wishes,