Readiness and Resilience Produce Remarkable Results

Readiness and Resilience Produce Remarkable Results

by Giles Pinto
High School Vice Principal and IB Diploma Program Coordinator

Summarizing the IB Diploma Outcomes for the Class of 2021

Although I have been a school leader for several years now, in my heart and soul I am still an English teacher and some of my favourite teaching moments came from William Shakespeare’s masterwork Hamlet. One of the most famous lines in that play is, “The readiness is all.” That statement encompasses a world of meaning and it has been analyzed in innumerable ways. I find it helpful to share with young people when they — like the fictitious Crown Prince of Denmark — are on the cusp of attempting something great that demands significant courage, evident vulnerability and massive commitment. So it only seemed appropriate that this short phrase made its way into my communications with the recently graduated Class of 2021, who completed the IB Diploma in the face of unprecedented obstacles and wide-ranging disruptions to their established learning routines.

caucasian high school student smiling, sitting on a stool playing acoustic guitar

Gr. 12 IB DP Music Recitals 

high school student of south Indian descent in red graduation cap and gown hugging his mother

A student of the Class of 2021 celebrates his graduation with his mother 

female high school student explaining about some painting to elementary school students

Gr. 12 IB DP Art Exhibition 

Through their readiness and resilience as well as the stalwart support of our tireless teachers, our recent graduates not only achieved their goals in the IB Diploma Program (IBDP) but also attained outcomes that are historically significant for YIS. Most notably, we saw that the Class of 2021 achieved a 100% pass rate within what is generally regarded as one of the most rigorous high school programs in the world — meaning that all 60 of our IBDP candidates were successful. One graduate distinguished herself by accruing 45 IB Diploma points, which is the maximum total that can be awarded and a highly rare distinction in multiple respects throughout the community of IB World Schools. At the same time, four of her peers navigated their way to results that indicated 43 Diploma points in total and more than a third of the Class of 2021 have 40 or more Diploma points in total on their IB transcripts (with the average grade for the cohort being 37.2). All of our graduates took full advantage of their YIS experience in order that they could enter the next stage of their lives with few barriers ahead of them — whether this meant pursuing a career, taking a gap year or attending university/college.

By any measure, these outcomes are impressive and I believe they reinforce how skillfully and creatively our IB Diploma teachers adjusted to supporting students within a range of learning modes. In addition, I think we can say with confidence that learning experiences at YIS, through the Primary Years Program, the Middle Years Program and the Diploma Program, prepared our graduates to face the challenges of the last few years. More specifically, all the caring and dedicated YIS educators that the Class of 2021 encountered at YIS played a part in developing and reinforcing their readiness and resilience. We pride ourselves on being a supportive community and the learning and teaching framework that has been built over many years at YIS came through when our students needed it the most: it helped them to complete a range of coursework and internal assessments, along with an entire month of IBDP final exams, with tremendous success. And unlike Shakespeare’s famous protagonist, the Class of 2021 were not alone in facing this “enterprise of great pitch and moment.”

high school students standing on large flat roof with the number 2021 written in chalk on the roof

Our external exam results are available on the Learning page of our website.