Read Around The World

Read Around The World

by librarians Jennifer Gibson-Millis and Viki Radford


Reading unlocks worlds unknown or forgotten,
taking travelers around the world and through time.

Donalyn Miller, Librarian


This summer, we invite you to unlock new worlds with your holiday reading choices. In January 2022’s In Our Words article, we explored the idea of reading books that provide us with mirrors, windows, and doorways to new experiences, and new worlds. This year we have explored the new opportunities that our library environment and collections bring us. Now it’s summer, and it’s time to look beyond our school setting, to expand our horizons. Whether you’re traveling this summer, or relaxing at home; reading a book will transport you. And we’re encouraging you to travel even further, by choosing books that have connections to other countries, whether they are written by authors from other countries, or are set in unfamiliar locations, or feature characters with lives very different to our own.

So please join us for this year’s Summer Reading Challenge: YIS Reads around the World. 

From June 19th until August 13th, we encourage all members of our school community to find, read and record books that have a variety of settings, authors, translations, and characters from around the world. Whether your main character is from Bangladesh, the author is Australian, or the setting is in Kenya, all of these options and more can be added to our online interactive map via Padlet. Simply search for your book’s location, and upload an image of the book cover, so that we can see not just what you are reading about, but where you’ve been reading. To kick things off, we’ve added books from our home towns: Daphne duMaurier’s Rebecca, set in Mandalay, a fictionalised Menabilly Beach in Cornwall, UK; and Look Homeward, Angel, by Thomas Wolfe, from North Carolina, USA. For parents, please add your books through your children’s account.

If you’re looking for  a starting point for your reading journey, why not sign up for the YIS Reads Around The World challenge, and get your summer reading travel plans set? This wonderful website not only encourages you to expand your reading experiences, but gives you a whole collection of books listed by country.

Our students and teachers have shared their book suggestions on these padlets:

ES Summer Reading Suggestions 2022
MS Summer Reading Suggestions 2022 
HS Summer Reading Suggestions 2022


We may sit in our library and yet be in all quarters of the earth.

John Lubbock, The Pleasures of Life

Use the resources below to supplement your reading and to search for your next “trip” of a lifetime. 
YIS Catalog - Search for books you want before we leave on summer vacation. 
YIS eBooks & Audio Books - Read ebooks and listen to audiobooks with your YIS email address. 
Tumblebooks - Children’s ebooks. You can also install the TumbleBooks App on your tablets or phones. Search "TumbleBooks" in the iTunes App Store, or Google Play.

If you have any questions or want to recommend a book, please email Ms. Viki at for Elementary School topics and Mrs. Millis for Middle and High School topics at