Raising the Bar: The First TEDxYouth Event at YIS

Raising the Bar: The First TEDxYouth Event at YIS

by Gr. 12 students, Burcu and Koko

YIS has always been one to push boundaries and ‘raise the bar’ for everyone both within and outside of our community. We are hoping to emulate this in our upcoming TEDxYouth Event, the first in YIS’s history. This is an idea that began forming prior to the introduction of public health and safety measures and Blended Learning, but, with the added complications of COVID-19, we found that it is more important than ever to host such an event. We know that it can be quite hard to adapt to this new lifestyle, and we want to make sure our community is staying connected, as well as continuing to grow, learn, and adapt.  

In many of our courses, we watch TEDx speeches to help develop our critical thinking and learn to make connections between things in our syllabus and apply them to things in our daily lives. Watching these TEDx speeches not only helps us to understand concepts in our education but it allows us to apply and diversify our knowledge and understanding to real-life situations, and demonstrates how our input can positively affect the world we live in. Because of this, we decided to host our own online TEDx event to allow students to develop and share their ideas on topics they are passionate about, as well as topics that would not necessarily be a part of the curriculum. We want not only our community, but the rest of the world, to see yet another side of YIS, one where individuality, critical thinking, and interactive qualities are highlighted. 

Named TEDxYouth@YIS, the event is an opportunity for us to ensure that we are not only keeping our connections during these unprecedented times, but also developing new ones. This is a student-run initiative. It is organized by Burcu in Grade 12, with Mr. Rostan as the co-organizer. The team consists of Koko as the Creative Director, Feiyang as the Operations Director, and Anansya and Cadence as the Communication Directors. 

We decided on the theme “Raising the Bar” to focus on the idea of growth (literally or metaphorically). We wanted the event to be centered around ‘growth’ because it can be applied to anything and everything. We continuously grow and surpass expectations, and by doing so, we not only accomplish something challenging but we raise the bar for ourselves (and others) to strive even harder. 

Raising the Bar” will be held on November 5, from 8pm to 9pm and will have a wide variety of speeches from how kids cartoons are significant to the benefits of procrastination. We hope you can join us and enjoy what the students at YIS have to share. More information on the event, the speakers and their speeches will be provided on dedicated webpages that are currently being created, our Instagram account @TEDxYouthYIS, and future newsletters. 

For more information or any inquiries, please contact TEDxYouth@yis.ac.jp.